10 Reasons you should buy a iPad 2

March 9, 2011 | by

Talk about the iPad 2 has started in the market; Apple is currently the top company in the tablet/phone world and has made themselves competitors to other companies, like the Motorola and Android.
The comparison between the two products, iPad 1 to iPad 2 is like iPhone to the iPhone 4. According to the latest reports iPad 2 will be released on March 11 in the US market, and will be available to the rest of the world after few months. On piling up through the wants, requests, and hopes for the iPad 2 there are a really a clear picture to know why Apple should upgrade this device. Here are 10 reasons to why you should wait for the iPad 2:

1.Second edition is preferred

It’s quite natural with many people who prefer to buy the second edition instead of the first one. For those who waited, they now have their chance to get iPad2 that is demonstrably better than the first iPad. It has many add-ons compared to the first one, like cameras, dual-core processor and graphics capabilities that are much better. Its only the perception that “newer is better,” takes it all for people to make a purchase of the all new iPad2.

2.Huge Apps Support

The iPad and iPad 2 library has already 65,000 apps available compared to the highly over-advertised Motorola Xoom which has just 16 apps, and that to they are made for smartphone versions which visible stretched to fit the larger screen. As we know that stretched apps are just crap. Others like HP’s TouchPad and BlackBerry’s Playbook have no apps existing for them.  So now you might be clear with what iPad2 really possess nothing but a huge variety of apps.

3.      Processor

The dual-core processor is really a noticeable change in iPad2, as new features in it like retina display and multitasking, surely requires more processing power. The current model iPad has 1GHz Apple A4 processor just like the iPhone 4. But the coming model will keep up to date with the plethora of new generations of chips about to hit the markets that’ll make performance multiple, taxing, and processes a breeze by splitting up the workload. Definitely it’s not a model to be neglected, as a faster iPad has no chance to be ignored.

4. FaceTime

FaceTime is an outstanding feature of iPhone’s that is not only a feature that is perfect for a mobile phone but also for  iPad’s screen which is more suited. FaceTime already with a Mac, iPhone, and now on iPad makes face-to-face video calls. In the coming up iPad 2 FaceTime is going to be even more popular that the original. Its ease of use compared to other solutions Google chat, Skype and other video chats and its portability on a large-screen device like the iPad 2 will surely make it a plus point for many tablet buyers.

5. Retina Display

The iPad2 is going to be a great device with high quality video and playing video games, and the retina display of iPhone 4’s on iPad 2 allows app developers to really take advantage of this technology. The current model has a 1024 x 768 pixel display, but the iPad 2 you’d kind of expect Apple to up the ante a little. It’s now that the processors have moved a bit since the iPad first launched and now you get the better device, iPad 2 that will significantly have an improved chipset inside it.

6.      Storage size and Speed

iPad has left a few main things, like the storage size and processor speed that makes it sufficient enough for its practical application usage.  The iPad2 must definitely come up with these upgraded features like the iPod Touch and iPhone 4 in order to move in the direction of the MacBook.

7.      Size

Until now there has been a talk about the size of original iPad, but now when the iPad 2 is released the talk is out of track.   The size would be bigger than 7-inches that makes the abilities of the iPad more emphasizing than both iPod Touch and iPhone as they couldn’t share and make it more practical for everyday usage.

8.      Price

When Apple has to release the next edition of iPad, it focuses mainly on the price and sees that it’s much similar to the original iPad. What I am trying to say is that, if you have plans to buy iPad now, please wait till the next release of Ipad2 and then buy that, because you’ll be investing the same money  and get a better device. So friends be patient and get the best iPad.

9.More networks

At the time when the original iPad hit the stores last year, it was that the Wi-Fi network was only available. And when the Wi-Fi + 3G have come into the market, it was there on the AT&T network. Lot of people with Verizon network iPad wasn’t a good option.

Now with the coming up iPad 2, there are both GSM and CDMA models as well as the Wi-Fi only version available. So it’s better to choose a device with more networks rather than facing a problem with single network.

10.Greater Retail Availability

At the time of launch of iPad in last year April , it was available only at Apple Store in U.S, but later the availabiltity has drastically increased and we could get it from many other  stores like AT&T Stores, then Verizon with Wi-Fi hotspots. The greater retail availability of iPad in many number of countries worldwide, and the coming up iPad 2 within two-week delay will appear in overseas markets which can make iPad 2 even more accessible to the consumers to buy.

I’m sure that this post will come up with lots of comments and there will be those who agree with my points and believe that the iPad 2 is going to be better than the original. After this we can say that Apple is to tablets as Google is to search. Wait for few more days and get the iPad 2 to your home.

This is a guest post written by harshita who also writes for two blogs on ipad 2 and shopping deals


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