5+ Cheapest Ice Cream Sandwich Android Tablets

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Market is all flooded with Android Tablets, cheap, reasonable and the one which can burn a hole in your pocket. Whether they provide up to date features or not, there are so many questions to ponder upon. But here are some cheap, budget friendly Ice Cream Sandwich Android Tablets which you can choose, the one that suits your requirements. So, lets explore the options which fulfill our Android hunger in the most reasonable way, yet providing the basic minimal features to satisfy our needs. This list is a random collection of Android Tablets running the latest OS version of Android i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich and no particular order has been followed.

Budget Friendly Ice Cream Sandwich Android Tablets

Micromax Funbook – Price 6499 INR

micromax funbook ics android tablet

Micromax Funbook is the one great Android tablet which falls in the budget yet offering the latest flavor, the Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS v4.0. Powered by the 1.2 GHz Cortex A8 Processor offers great features at the quite cheaper price. 7” capacitive touch screen respond well enough, but a bit low resolution may create some problem. 4 GB internal memory is more than enough to handle enormous Android applications, which can be further expandable up to 32 GB via micro SD card slot. Lacks 3G when it comes to network connectivity, but Wi-Fi is what Micromax think is sufficient, plus it supports 3G Dongle too, that’s an added advantage. Being the basic Android tablet, only sports VGA camera. 2800mAh is what you get to keep this Android tablet up and running, enough for a 5 – 6 hours with the normal usage.

Ainol Novo 7 Paladin ICS Tablet – Price $159

ainol palladin android ics tablet

Sharing the same display size 7 “,Ainol Novo 7 Paladin ICS Tablet is another great option worth considering in this price range. Being a Chinese product doesn’t make it just another lame Android tablet, but this Android Tablet offers some great features at a much cheaper price. Supported by MIPS-based JZ4770 XBurst chip, an energy efficient processor makes it a worth considering. Other nice features includes 4GB internal memory, 512 MB RAM is decent fixture for all your multi-tasking needs. Not to mention, you can expand the memory up to 32GB via micro SD card. Wi-Fi, plus, you’ve a 2MP snappier at its rear and the usual VGA for the video calling at the front. I’m amazed that it offers video recording at 1080p. There’s more waiting for you, just head for a Google toss. You can buy that Android tablet online too.

Coby Range Of Android ICS Tablets

coby range of android ics tablet

There are 4 budget friendly Android Tablets running on Ice Cream Sandwich which varies in display sizes having 7”, 8” and 9” Android tablets, sharing almost identical features just a sneaky difference is there. The two 7” sporting a capacitive touch-screen share almost identical features which includes high speed 1GHz processor, 32 expandable storage space via microSD card slot.Wi-Fi for data connectivity and various other useful applications. It’s just the RAM and video recording capabilities which differs the two. One got a 512 MB of it and another having 1 GB also allows users to record videos at 1080p. Sorry, no words about the battery power.
The 8” one is the replica of the second Android ICS tablet in the series, it’s just the display that’s one inch more than that. Rest all the features are same. Similarly, that’s how the tablet having 9.7” capacitive touchscreen differs from the two, rest features being the same. Price ranges from $179 for the cheapest model to $279 for the expensive one. Other than that, they’ve also got some tablets running the lower version of Android. Have a look at all of them at their official website.

Xtex’s My Tablet 7 – Price – $149.99

my tablet 7 android ics tablet

Xtex’s My Tablet 7 is the another affordable Android tablet running on Ice Cream Sandwich, offering way better features than what we’ve shared above so far. 1.5GHz processor, 7” capacitive touchscreen, a whooping 16GB internal storage, which is further expandable up to 32GB via TF card slot and a GB of RAM supporting the multi-tasking flow. A regular 2 MP front facing web camera and HDMI 1080p output and the 3.5mm headset port. Wi-Fi for network connectivity. And all that is powered by 3200mAh battery. Impressive, isn’t it, at such a affordable price.

Zenithink ZT280-C10 / Zepad C91 – Price – $169.99

zenithing android ics tablet

The only Android tablet having the swooping 10” capacitive touchscreen running on ofcourse, none other than Android Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS v4.0. Other features includes 8GB of NAND Flash internal memory, 1 GB RAM and a support up to 32 GB via micro SD card slot. Cortex A9 CPU Amlogic 1Ghz CPU processor, Wi-Fi, HDMI mini outlet, USB OTG port, 3.5mm headset port. Capable enough to play 1080p videos. All that’s powered by a 7000mAh battery. Do visit their official link for a video demo and other interesting features.

So these are some affordable Android tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich, offering at least basic features along with it. Last one is the best option or the from the Coby’s range of Android ICS tablet. Which one do you think is the best one out of these?

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