A Firefox Addon to Disable the New Facebook Photo Theater mode

February 27, 2011 | by

Recently Facebook has  introduced a new theater effect for photos and albums. The new change is eye catching but the introduction was in hurry and without any prior intimation to the users. Moreover within Facebook there is no option available to disable this mode.  Bloggers and Geeks came up with several tips to disable the Theater mode of Facebook photos which include the following

Facebook Theater Mode Disable

  • Right click and open the images in a new Tab.
  • Remove the “&theater” part from URL.
  • Press F5 and refresh the Facebook Page.
  • Chrome users have an Extension to Disable this.
  • Install GreaseMonkey Firefox Extension and a User Script

Amongst these I feel the most handy one is fifth one, but most of the common internet users don’t prefer installing GreaseMonkey and  User Scripts only for this purpose. Here I just converted the User Script to a Firefox extension. Now through this extension without installing GreaseMonkey Firefox users can disable the Theater mode of Facebook Photos and albums. Here I am giving the   full credits to the developer of  Grease Monkey User Script.

Go to  Mozilla FireFox Extension page , add the extension to your browser and kill the theater Mode. This addon is just submitted and not yet reviewed by Mozilla, however it is working flawlessly in my browser. Please test  and post your comments.

Update: This addon is presently disabled by Mozilla in response to the Trdemark infringement Notice from Facebook. 



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