Advantages and disadvantages of Net books

October 14, 2009 | by

net bookNet books are the new generation ultra portable computers mostly powered by the Intel Atom processors. As the name indicates net books are designed to perform the basic computer operations. The Intel Atom processor of speed 1.6 Ghz can very well run all basic applications without much noticeable difference. The basic advantages and disadvantages of a Net book over a Lap Top is follows


Price: The price of the Netbooks are very cheap and affordable. low range Net books are available for 250$.

Portability: The size of net books are very small and which is ultra portable.

More battery life: The power consumption of net books are less as compared with Lap tops so for a single charge net books can be operated more time.


Non availability of  Optical drive ( CD ROM Drive): Most of the net books are not having optical drives.

Non availability of Ethernet ports: Ethernet ports are not available in most of the net books.

Screen size: The screen size of Netbooks are in the range of 10″ to 11″ which  cause strain for eyes on prolonged usage.

Less computing power: The Intel Atom processor of 1.6 Ghz can only perform the average computing operations, Multi tasking is difficult for Netbooks. Multi media editing softwares and high ended games  may slow down the system.

Uncomfortable keyboard: The keyboard of net book is considerably small and uncomfortable for prolonged use.


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