Adware strikes again- Social networks are targeted

November 9, 2010 | by

Adware has almost disappeared from sight, and now it again re-appears owing to the support of social networking sites. The popular social sites are now targeted by Adware Company for distribution of its software. These sites are ideal to spread adware via third party apps which do not show their identity.

Adware software can be downloaded for viewing games, movies and music and any other entertainment. Once downloaded, this app monitors your online response and serves you with ads suiting your choice.

The software adware was booming in the year 2003 and after two years it was cracked down by Federal agency and legislation blaming it for concealed advertisement of products and breaking the rules of computer technology. After fighting for another two years, in 2007 it wound up completely.

The talented staff working at adware got split up joining other companies. They formed a team and settlement with app creators and started implanting codes in various games and apps which were used by many web surfers.

Today, many of the adware distribution business are with only social media sites – mostly Twitter and Face book – which relied on the content of the third party. Adware app appeared on Face book in the form of games, media players, and videos and in the form of sponsored distributions for Mozilla firefox.

Distributors of adware used Face books “like” option to spread their programs on air. For instance, a message describing of poor girl’s suicide and the causes will lead you to a page where your age is verified and then a game is ready for downloading in your system. From that game, you can read the story of the poor girl. Once you click on this button which appears on Face book then your friends will know about your taste. Many web users fall for the plan which is deceptive in nature. The companies that propagate these apps will never clearly say their purpose, and later on they will collect data of the user and present them with ads for the benefit of the company.

Network security firm has recently warned the web users to be aware of such ads in the form of games, apps and video files. Companies like Future Ads LLC, Circle Development, Game Vance, Pinball publisher, and Vomba network are involved in such app promotion and distribution. Although the software is not harmful to the computer, adware companies do not disclose the real intentions to the users and tracks their data without their consent is illegal and cheating.

For preventing this from happening, Trust E seal is given for approved sites. But this seal is used by many adware distributors for making profit.

Only way to escape from this data theft, is to up date your anti virus and ad blocker active. The security system will detect such adware as soon the downloading starts and blocks it. Ensure to verify the URL which appears on the top of the screen which displays the company’s name. So, you can understand that your data goes to the company if you click its advertisement.

If by any chance you have downloaded such adware, then you can also uninstall them by clicking ‘Add’ or ‘Remove’ software option in the Windows.


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