Alert ! Orkut virus search results are redirecting to virus site!!

September 26, 2010 | by

Strike while the iron is hot. Hackers are also doing the same. Yesterday the most searched term in Google was “Bom Sabado”. Now the Google search results are poisoned by some hackers and they managed to get top position in Google search for the term ” Bom Domingo” (Good Sunday in Portuguese). Hackers know today many people will search about Bom Domingo. We have already discussed about the emerging threat of fake antivirus software. Similar attacks were happened during the FIFA world cup 2010.

Once you click in these search results, you will be directed to hacker’s site and a fake antivirus scan page will appear. Then it will warn you that your computer has been infected with Trojans and Worms. To fix the problem they will offer software to download. This software itself will be a virus.

If you clicked accidentally in these links,  immediately close the browser, don’t click yes/no/ cancel buttons in the popup window. If the browser is not getting closed, use the task manager (ctrl +Alt+Del) to close. When you open the browser again, the tabs may be restored, in that case immediately close it further.

If you know about the link submit the same to Google Report a Malware page.  Good antivirus software normally detects these types of Java script attacks but the free antivirus software are not offering the safe browsing facility. Java script disabled browsing is the best method to stay away from these type of attack. To disable Java scripts in Firefox go to Tools > Options > Contents and uncheck the ” Enable Java script ” box. Unfortunately to get the full features of WebPages, Java scripts are essential.


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