Apple Wireless Keyboard Review

October 27, 2010 | by

It is indeed an unique challenge, to explain why a keyboard is good or bad compared to other products. If looked upon the facts from various angles it would be quite clear that things are entirely based on feel and functionality, and ultimately, the keyboard that’s right for you will nine out of ten times be based solely on the former.

Apple is a company that specializes in manufacturing of distinctive products centered around a smaller, wholly unified ecosystem. Not only this, they have also pursued a tremendous job with the Wireless Keyboard. Now, this awe-inspiring  keyboard, which ships with every Apple desktop, has already amazed millions with its brilliant design.

After using the gadget for a while there have been a bag full of experience to share with. Firstly, the sleek and trendy tool is simply wonderful and feels great to use. Well, let me tell you, the Chiclet keys have ample push and they are really comfortable to press. The notable point is that the low-profile keys are more like a laptop’s keyboard than a desktop, and often it gives a feel that’s close to a business-class laptop.

What actually happens to be an astonishing fact about this Wireless Keyboard is its overall size. Though the fact remains that most current owners undoubtedly leave it sitting at their computer desk, doing so is a waste. For a person who has  traveled far and wide with this keyboard, and use it daily. If you look at it then you will very well find that it is really slim, at just 1.4”, that throwing it in my bag is no burden.

This is what actually takes the bid away battery life is a dream. Apple profoundly rates the battery life of this gadget, running on just two double-A batteries, at nine months — that’s long enough. Now that lifespan can’t be confirmed can it be?, but moderately using it no issues have been found as yet, also there are no indication that the batteries are near empty. The one and only thing that reminds of the inclusion of a battery in the keyboard is because of the rounded base, which keeps the keyboard at a slight angle.

This keyboard is gaining more and more popularity and in some cases it leaves behind the Microsoft Sidewinder X6. Rumors are that people are now getting themselves an apple wireless keyboard which they are finding comfortable to use than the usual in-built ones.

There have been quite a number of wireless keyboards but mostly they failed due to heavy chassis and un-attractive design issues. But when it comes to Apple things start off with style. So, what do you think is it worth it, to get one?


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