Beware of a New Fake Antivirus – MS Removal Tool

April 15, 2011 | by

MS Removal Tool is one more recently launched rogue antispyware program that pretends being an antivirus application. It’s a predecessor of infamous Security Tool fake antispyware program. These two applications share the same graphical user interface and act almost identically once they get into computer systems.

Fake anti virus

MS Removal Tool uses Trojan viruses for a completely secret infiltration. The Trojan configures the program to start automatically with each system reboot. From that time on, MS Removal Tool is loaded each time you restart your system. The application loads its fake scanner which simulates looking for infections. Then the program displays a list of supposedly detected infections and recommends removing them after getting a full version of MS Removal Tool. This version in fact doesn’t even exist. The application only wants to get your money by selling something that is just an illusion created by cyber criminals.

Moreover, the program generates a bunch of various security warnings that only strengthens the feeling that your computer is at risk and pushes you further into purchasing MS Removal Tool as a program to remove all infections.

Do not trust in such tricks. All of them have been carefully thought before by the creators of MS Removal Tool or better to say computer hackers. It seems like the project is really successful as so far it has infected loads of different computers and seems like every day it’s more and more successful.

The only way to stop this activity is by removing MS Removal Tool from your system. Security experts strongly recommend using a reputable antispyware program for quick and easy removal.



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