BMTC launched cool headed Internet service

October 22, 2010 | by

Good news for the travelers to Bangalore International Airport. During the travel between airport and various places in Bangalore city, now they can have net browsing experience. The  BMTC’s Vayu Vajra Volvo buses are now equipped with  touch enabled LCD screens  mounted on the back of each seats for  comfortable web browsing browsing on go. This is said to be the first venture of similar kind in India.

This innovative fancy project was launched by the minister of transport R Ashok on Thursday. The service is named as led, ICE (Information, Communication and Entertainment) on Wheels.  Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation will soon float tenders to initiate this project. Mr. Ashok said that two hundred such buses would ply to the airport once the project was completed. Notably, passengers will not be charged surplus for these services.

This bus will commute between ITPL and the airport for about a month to gauge passenger response. Besides browsing the Internet, computer software packages will enable passengers to easily hold track of flight information, book tickets and even do an online analyze-in during their travel. Integrating such Intelligent Transport Systems and Passenger Information System will increase passenger comfort and get more people to turn to public transport, BMTC officials said.

How it works?

A number of the seats on the Vayu Vajra bus will be fitted with a 7-inch touch-screen at the back side, except for those rights at the back. This tablet-like PC, formulated by Bangalore-based tech firm EAFT Technologies for this  project, will provide you to browse the Internet while on the displace by connecting to a Wi-Fi network through central servers remotely controlled by the concern.

It also provides a wide range of software applications to operate commuters on their long commute. These include popular applications such as daily horoscope, live stock exchange news and weather forecasting. Jai Shiv, Director, EAFT Technologies, said: “People who travel to the airport spend close to an hour in the bus. Why not provide them with entertainment and access to information while they are traveling?” The business firm has formulated more than 70 applications that are bundled with these devices.


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