BSNL Revealed Three Tablets, Starting at 3250 INR–Rival To Aakash

February 26, 2012 | by

Now the Aakash – The Indian Low Cost Tablet is about to diminished, BSNL took a right step by launching three tablets which ranges from as low as 3,250 INR to 13,500 INR. The three tablets by BSNL are another Indian Android Tablet, made by Noida based company – Pantel. Lets have a look at three BSNL Tablets.

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Three BSNL Android Tablets

Panta Tpad IS 701r – Price 3,250 INR

Panta Tpad IS 701r is the lowest Android tablet model by Pantel featuring BSNL. Here are some features of Panta Tpad IS 701r.

  • 7-inch resistive touch screen (800 x 600 pixels)
  • Tablet runs on Android OS v2.3 aka Gingerbread
  • 1 GHz processor and 256MB DDR2 RAM.
  • Supports Android Market
  • Home, Options and Back are the three physical buttons.
  • Capable of playing 720p video format.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Front Facing camera – 0.3 MP
  • Supports Flash
  • 2 GB internal storage capacity, expandable up to 32 GB
  • 3000 mAh battery

Penta TPAD WS704c – Price 10,999 INR

Second in the series is Penta TPAD WS704c which is priced at 10,999 INR and boasts the following features. Moreover same features as that of one discussed above. But here are some added features.

  • Offers 3G connectivity
  • 512 MB RAM instead of 256 MB
  • Bluetooth
  • 2 MP rear camera

Penta Tpad WS802C – Price 13,500 INR

Penta Tpad WS802C is the costliest amongst the three and flaunts quite alluring features along with all the features shared above by the two Tablets. Here’s what different in this.

  • 8 inch capacitive touch screen
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 512 MB RAM DDR3
  • 4 GB internal storage capacity which is further expandable up to 32 GB

All three BSNL tablets comes with the promotional offer of 3 month free data download. If you are still clinging to the fact that Aakash is still the low cost budget Android Tablet, then lets compare the Aakash Tablet and the lower model of BSNL tablets.

Aakash Tablet Vs Panta Tpad IS 701r

Tablets/Features Aakash Tablet Panta Tpad IS 701r
Operating System Android OS v2.2 Android OS v2.3
Processor ARM11 366MHz ARM11 IMAP210,
Battery 2100mAh 3000mAh
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Display 7-inch, Resistive 7-inch, Resistive
Screen Resolution 800×480 px 800×600 px
Price Rs. 2,499 Rs. 3,200

So these are some awesome spec shake between the two low cost Android Tablets, I think Panta Tpad IS 701r is going to be undefeatable competitor to Aakash Tablet. What do you think?


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