Dish Network Offers Free iPad Functionality to Customers

August 12, 2010 | by

When the iPad launched a few months back, there was an explosion of applications hitting the marketplace. Large companies and news outlets announced their apps long before consumers could even get their hand on an iPad. Dish network seems to now be setting it’s sights on the Apple product in an attempt to beat out it’s competitors by catering to iPad owners.

Back in August Dish released an application that would effectively let customers remote control their set-top box from their iPad. The free iPad app offers the ability to browse television shows, schedule recordings onto DVR, remove existing shows and much more. If you have a compatible TV, the application can also work as a fully functioning remote controller, allowing you to change the channel, browse the program guide and just about anything else a traditional control would be able to do.

We are now hearing that Dish will allow streaming content to your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone for free. There is a catch though, the functionality will require a SlingBox. SlingBox offers streaming Television by taking any Set-top Box or TV and streaming it via Wifi. Users will download the Slingbox application to their mobile device and can then see what the Dish box is seeing.

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