Extreme Ego Portable Drives From Iomega

June 5, 2010 | by

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We have seen all sort of external devices such as DVD burners and external hard drives, but we have never seen hard drive with such extreme capacity. Apparently, company Iomega is pushing external hard drives to the limit and it has some new extreme devices to offer us.

These devices are from the eGo series and their selling point it their high capacity. Only problem with the high capacity external hard drives is their transfer speed, but that’s not the problem for eGo series. These devices are using USB 3.0 that provides them the fastest transfer speed possible. If you compare it to the old USB 2.0 these models have up 10 times faster transfer speed. As for the models, there are three different models available at the market and all of them have different capacity and price. Ruby model comes with 1TB capacity and costs around 200$. Other models provide less capacity and smaller price so you can get Silver model that has 500 GB capacity for 115$ and Blue model that comes with only 320 GB storage space for $95.

In addition, these models available for Mac and the eGo BlackBelt Mac Edition has Firewire 400/800 support and a physical bumper Drop Guard. There are even desktop solutions from Iomega that offer 1TB and 2TB capacity available for both Mac and the PC. Mac version is using Firewire while PC users that don’t have USB 3.0 support can purchase USB 3.0 PC Express adepter from Iomega.


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