Free PC to phone international and domestic calls across 40 countries including India

January 8, 2010 | by

tuitalkNowadays VOIP calls get more popularity due to the cheap rates. People were using Gizmo5  service to do free international VOIP  calls to mobile and land phones from PC but after the acquisition of this company by Google, new registration of Gizmo service has been suspended from Nov 2009. But the current Gizmo5 users can continue to avail the service.  Another popular VOIP service is Skype. Through Skype subscribers can do free PC to PC calls and premium PC to Mobile/ land line calls. The call rates of Skype is economical but to India it is still costly because India has very stringent telecome rules. Moreover Indian telecom companies charging high rates for call routing.

I came across a site “Tutalk” offers 100% free international calls from/to over 40 countries all over the world. Something looking fishy? Let’s go through the details.

The site requires simple user registration procedures and a PC based application required to be downloaded. Through this application you can make free international calls to 40 countries all over the world. Currently this software supports  Windows Vista, XP, and Windows Mobile.

How it works?

Tuitalk offers free international and domestic phone calls because of  advertisers. Before your call connects, you will watch a short video ad (30 seconds max) and you will view banner ads during your free phone call. These advertisers are sponsoring your free phone calls and you can click on the ads without disconnecting your free phone call.

Countries Covered



  1. You can make only three free calls per day.
  2. Call duration will be limited  from two to six minutes depend upon the country. See the chart shown above.
  3. You will be compelled to watch a short advertising video before a call
  4. Presently you cannot use this VOIP service from India and Turkey(VOIP in India is not legal). But you can make call to these countries from all over world.

Disclaimer: This post is based on the information available on the net and I will not be responsible for any misuse of this service. Check your countries VOIP regulations before use.


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