Going for a Tab? Then why not the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750?

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I am not a gadget freak.  I never invest in gadgets without any cause. Here read the billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s words on spending

“If you buy things you don’t need, soon you will have to sell things you need”

I’ve a PC, Laptop  and a smart phone.  My mobile phone helps me to stay tuned with the net always. However when comes to work flow it’s near zero, thus I was thinking about to bag a good netbook, which  almost bridges the gap between portability and productivity. After that the Rising Star among gadgets—Tablet PCs put me in a dilemma. I wanted to select one- Netbook or Tablet. Which one to buy?  Just figured out my requirements (Preferably on move)..Net surfing, Social networking, Chatting (Video and audio), a little bit blog editing too. In that case I found that Tablet is the best option for me..Why? Tablets are ultra portable with extreme battery backup and inbuilt internet connectivity. Now I have to buy one..Numerous brands..numerous models which one qualifies my requirements? While picking a gadget or any other product we must narrow down our selection then finally we can land upon a specific product which we exactly want. I too did the same.

I am quite conversant with Android Operating system . Don’t ask why I prefer Android, it’s a much discussed topic of blogosphere. Just start using an Android Smart phone and see the features and benefits thus no second thought on Operating System. Then the brand … Go to Google and  just Search for “Best Android Tablets” .. whole tech world is referring  the Tablet series of Samsung… Naturally I was also in the same direction. I was about to purchase Samsung’s Galaxy Tab’s latest edition by that time the news about the release of a new Tablet-  Samsung Galaxy 10.1 a.k.a Galaxy Tab 750 buzzed  in Tech world.   In India it was released on August 10. The recorded version of launch video is here.

I expect this tablet can be a perfect companion of me …How?.   Without even seeing a product how one can judge that? Official site of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gives the complete technical specifications and overview of features. In the planning phase of a product purchase, I usually go through the hands on review and bench mark tests of reputed reviewers. Moreover the after sales service and availability of accessories near to my door step is significant for me so I prefer reputed and trusted brands only. I followed the same in this situation also.let me comprehend the forces of attraction towards Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.



The prerequisite of a Tablet PC. A thicker tablet is difficult to hold with  single hand and it is also not comfortable for prolonged use. Here Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 wins the portability war without sacrificing the power or compromising the quality. 256.7 x 175.3 x 8.6 tablet weighs only 565 Gms !! means it will not be a burden for me on travel. See the thickness it’s only 8.6 mm !! Just as thin as the  LCD display of my laptop !! This is the World’s thinnest Tablet PC


The main criticism against Tablets  is related with productivity. People say Tablets are just just consumption devices not  designed for more input. In a broad sense it is true because we can’t replace one gadget completely with other. We have to analyze our requirement and our productivity needs . Considering the limitations of a Tablet in a broad sense I have to select a good one amongst the group which can improve my productivity needs, means just like “Selecting a juicy  Orange from the heap of Oranges”. For a tablet PC the input device is touch screen. It is a fact that touch screens are not ideal for prolonged typing. As told in the beginning, for me Tablet is a supporting gadget- especially on move. My basic productive requirement in such situations are taking short notes, easy access or mails, chatting, social networking , viewing and editing of documents, editing and scheduling of blog posts. I need a tablet which facilitates these kind of things comfortably. See the productivity enhancing  elements of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in my point of view.

  • The Honey Comb Factor

Soul of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is Honey Comb..Yes Google’s highly optimized Exclusive Android version 3.1  for Tablet PCs  supports Multi Tasking and Split view. Honeycomb 3.1 Support USB devices also.

  • Multi Tasking and Office Applications

I’ve a habit of doing many things simultaneously. In my Desktop and Laptop multiple applications are always open especially while browsing. I expect somewhat similar experience from Tablets also. Samsung’s popular Touchwiz UX helps me in this. The Quick access tray permits single tap access of Calender, Mail, PenMemo, Clocks, Scheduler and Task Manager. These applications appear as popup hence while browsing also you can it flawlessly. For example I can use PenMemo to note down the important points while browsing.

The customisable home screen of Galaxy Tab 750 facilitates instant access of applications from the home screen (Live Panel) . The home screen is constantly refreshed to get the updated data. Means my Mail, Webfeeds, Gadgets etc are updated with current data.

Although my document related works are limited on move, but sometimes it looks very much essential. The pre loaded Polaris Office helps to create, view and edit Word document, PowerPoint presentations and Spreadsheets. Just go through the video..It will give a clear picture

  • Web Browsing

I don’t want to restrict my browsing experience, means I want to see the web pages as it is actually made for. Most of the earlier version tablet PCs are not Flash supported.  Fortunately  the full Flash and HTML 5 supported Android browser of Galaxy Tab 750 facilitates normal browsing experience without any restrictions.

  • Battery life

Importance of battery life need to elaborate this point. In Indian travel situations availability of charging points on travel is still a biggest problem. In airports, railway stations or any other public places it’s very difficult to get a serviceable charging point. You can see people are waiting for their turn near the available charging points. Hence in travel I always carry spare batteries with me. I think Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 can help me here also. It’s inbuilt 7000 maH battery is claimed to cater 9 hrs of video watching  or 72 Hrs Music listening ..What else required? means I can watch around three movies at a stretch . 9 hrs  enough for me to reach near a charging point !

  • Accessories.

I can use the optional accessories to multiply my productivity demands if required. The most noted accessories for me is the Keyboard Case and Desktop Dock which will give the full PC/Laptop typing experience if required. The Keyboard case serves dual role. It’s a protective cover of the Tab and works as a keyboard too. The Desktop Dock functions as a Charger also. See the accessories in action.

  • Connectivity

I use different options to access net on travel. Hence  connectivity facilities are paramount for me.The first preference is WiFi connectivity if it is available ..unfortunately everywhere  it’s not available, other options are 2G and 3G. For that use USB Modem sticks. Now the Galaxy Tab 750 is coming with inbuilt WiFi, Bluetooth and 2G, 2.5G and 3G  modems, means I can throw away my USB Modem. latest HSPA + technology can support up to 7.2 Mbps on 3G networks.


  • Multimedia:

I am very much fond of Movie and Music. My lappy is always loaded with latest collection of Movies and Music. The best time pass on long travel especially the boring long air trips. Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 meets my entertainment demands. Support almost all popular Video and audio formats with full HD support. Surround sound speaker is an added advantage.

  • Camera

Two cameras are embedded in this tablet. The front facing 2 Mega Pixel camera will be an added advantage for me to do video chatting. 3 Mega Pixel Rear camera with inbuilt LED flash helps to record HD videos and take instant shots.

Power and Performance

Normally we don’t expect much from an  ultra portable device..but Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is a Power Packed device with 1 GHz Nvidea Tegra 2 processor with 1GB  RAM. Nvidea Tegra 2 is the world’s first mobile super chip with a dual core CPU The performance factor is tested and trusted world wide. Go through their official page for full features and power of Nvidea Tegra 2. Hence the benchmark test results of Galaxy Tab 750  by various reviewers  were not a surprise for me. As per the reviewers this tablet surpassed all competitors present in market.

Addon Gifts for Me (Only available in Samsung Galaxy Tab)

  • Readers Hub

I read and listen more but speak and write less. For me this special application is an added gift. Readers Hub application is already available in Samsung’s previous versions of Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S/SII series. This is one of the most demanding applications ever released. The Readers Hub App for Samsung Galaxy Tab is an innovative application specially designed to provide possibilities for reading, This application give access to  millions of book titles newspapers and magazines and supports ePub and PDF formats. The Readers Hub is piled with newspapers, magazines and books. Users can read with their finger. The awesome page-turning navigation and miniature form of Newspapers gives a real reading experience  .

  • Social Hub

I am very much active  in the Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc and spending considerable time on these sites. Often I use these networks for productive use.  The exclusive Social Hub application of Samsung Galaxy Tab is  special Android application which helps me to manage my network through instant access of updates, messages, friends feeds, web feeds etc.


Final Words

A lot of other features to specify like A GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Location based Navigational service, Google Mobile service and many more. I am not saying that this product is a killer of some other product or not but one thing I can say Samsung Galaxy 750 completely fulfills my demands. I am going for that . It’s the time to Tab !. What about you?


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