Google Translation is now available for Five more Indian languages-Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu

June 21, 2011 | by

Google translation facility was offered for only one Indian language..Hindi, but today Google has added five more Indian languages in Google Translation, means through Google Translation, apart from Hindi, you will be able to translate Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu to 63 languages and vice versa. Indic language translation is not easy as in the case of other languages because of the different sentence structures and grammatical challenges. The research work to improve Japanese, which follows nearly similar Subject Object Verb (SOV) structure of indic languages helped Google to formulate the translation script. If you have installed Google Toolbar, and  if the “Translation” button enabled then it will detect the language of your web page automatically and will be translated to desired language.

Actually it is very clear that a fool proof translation is not possible for a machine coded language. We can  see many  ridiculous translations but Google has provisioning an option to contribute for the better translation, which helped them to improve the translation system over years. Earlier English to Hindi translation of “Mozilla Firefox” was Mozilla Aag Lomdi” Now it’s showing the right one. In this alpha version, we will be able to  figure out  many mistakes in each translation, but which will be corrected similarly and hope we can get a good translation system to bridge the language barriers between the states of India.

Through an official blog post, Google’s Research Scientist Ashish Venugopal says “We hope that the launch of these new alpha languages will help you better understand the Indic web and encourage the publication of new content in Indic languages, taking us five alpha steps closer to a web without language barriers”

A big clap to Google for this great achievement. Go to Google Translation page and try the new languages.


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