How to become an Apple Certified Technician

June 9, 2010 | by

This is a guest post written by David Graham who recommends SelfTest Engine as exam preparation tool for Hardware Certifications like CCNA, Apple Certifications, A+ and Security+ Certifications.


Apple is the undisputed leader in the printing and personal video and audio usage. It has its own niche market which no other competitor is able to break. It is therefore, a right decision if you choose to become an Apple Certified Technician. There is always a market for you and there will be people who are exclusive and dedicated Apple companies.


Computers are the same. But to service an Apple computer could be marginally different. The technologies employed by the manufacturer could differ from those employed by PC vendors. Apple is not an open technology provider. The contents of their machine are not known to everyone and every technician. Therefore, you might not be able to learn the details of the computer from someone who is not already an Apple technician. You need to identify the right institute that can provide you with the information you want and prepare you for an Apple certification. There are numerous institutions that offer part time and full time programs to learn about Apple computers. You may select any one of them.


The test for Apple Certification is short. Once you are ready to give the test, you may take it at any of the testing centres available. The test is online and you might have to take the test at any one of these testing centres only and not at your home or elsewhere. Timing of the test is very important. Ensure that you time and plan the test properly. Otherwise, you might lose out heavily on the time front resulting in poorer scoring. At the end of the test, the results are announced immediately. You may also retake the test if you find your score is not what you really wanted and you think you can improve upon it.


Certification is provided to every successful candidate who has taken the test and who is considered passed. Apple test is a progressive test in the sense that as you go on answering the questions correctly the questions become tougher and tougher. This way you can score very high and will be adjudged and certified accordingly.


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