HOW TO: Choose a Better Browser among So many Good Browsers?

September 20, 2011 | by

Millions of users are using Internet Browsers to access information and as a useful means of communication. The basic tool to connect to internet is a web browser. Nowadays technology has advanced so much that mobile computing and browsing is most used to access information and for communication. Web browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are very popularly used and are constantly changing depending on requirement of users which I recently learned at my coupon site of havahart wireless coupons and oakley signs discounts.  And obviously there has been fights and controversies over information access protocol. In this article, I cited things that need to be considered in order to choose a better web browser. So, how do you exactly choose a Better browser?

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1.Good Standards

All of the web browsers should use a universal set of standards instead of using its own set of standards. Generalizing the user experience with technology is preferred most. One standard for all browsers means that users don’t need more than one browser just to accomplish his everyday tasks rather multiple task.

2. Great Performance

Fast browsing and less memory consumption is equal to better performance. I don’t know why but am I demanding that much? Well, I think everybody needs a browser that can direct him to a webpage faster. I usually use Google Chrome at mycoupon site of havahart wireless coupons and oakley signs discounts  as it can render graphics fast and pretty much easier to use compared to other browsers. But I’ve always liked Mozilla Firefox 6 for its flexibility and compatibility with browser plug-ins especially addons. Internet Explorer 9 is kind of annoying sometimes, it always ask you to disable browser plugins for it might affect its performance and the loading time is comparable more than others. Nevertheless, browsers should be fast, reliable, and flexible as possible, don’t you agree? No matter how much gigs of RAM your PC has, but still a handy browser which consumes less memory works better.

3. Better Security

Spams and hacking have always been evolved as technology has evolved. I always wanted my browser to protect me from attackers in the Internet. But sometimes browsers should also protect us from attackers in other places. Let’s take Google Chrome for example, well, yeah it gives me faster browsing, and then I began saving my passwords from every website that I visit only to know that it does not secure my passwords. Every person who uses my computer can see all of my passwords without me noticing. Well, they should make a master password for that just like in Firefox. Also, browsers should make the ‘cookies’ more secure. Most of the time browser cookies are the ones who cause security issues. So, make sure the browser you use provides a better security features which is less in Chrome compared to Mozilla Firefox.

4. Better Plug-ins and Extensions

Everybody needs a sidekick or a wingman, most of the browsers today rely on plug-ins because of its usefulness and flexibility and also adaptability. I noticed that most plug-ins functions differently in every browser. Some are more helpful when used in other browsers, while when used in Chrome, it seems lacking and ineffective. Since the launch of Chrome, there has been so many release of extensions and mozilla has now failed to compete its rival. The extensions are more in Google Chrome rather Firefox. And the addons are not yet compatible with the newer version of Mozilla, the developers don’t just want to update their product.

So, I hope these four bullet points would help choose a better browser. Let us know which browser do you think it the best?

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