How to Generate new blog post Ideas like never before

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Every time, I intend to write a post I always try to think, what should I be writing so that people are into my post. I know many things, but yet I’m still not able to publish it, it may be due to lack of time or lack of patience or any other for that matter. Henceforth I thought of providing the same for you readers. Every time the blogger thinks, with respect to audience or readers, and try to achieve their expectation.

So, I travel a lot and I always think what should be my next post during my travel and this certainly save me some time, so here I came up with this thought that I must write about blog post ideas.

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Search your niche and use it wisely

The main purpose of your blog, that is to provide tutorials / write interesting stories / funny thoughts / teach /upcoming news / latest happening in your school or surroundings. Stick to your writing see, what’s happening around and try to mobilize it, and try not to make too funky enough, lets say use it wisely.

The Understanding behind Creativity

This is a god given gift, on how well you use your creativity. The more, the better you present your ideas. The better the presentation, the better the traffic you get for your blog or website. Ultimately its the readers who should be appreciated because they are reading your blog. Use your creativity well above your understanding, and use it relating to your blog post or topic.

“Science” does not require leaving our house at all – it just requires changing the constant, repetitive mindsets of our lives often consist of.

Make it Read differently

Every time you publish a post, don’t keep it same. Keep it really different. So that a reader who visit today shall visit tomorrow also. Provide a chance to the reader, every time he looks, let it be different, and make user think ‘weird stuff?’

So, write differently, every time you publish. Keep you readers entertained. The blogger will and can only get to know when and how he has written only when he interacts with his readers. The readers always expects a change, give them what they expect. Just like in movies “It always happens what the audience are expecting?” right!

Travel – Move around the city

See what your daily routines are, see what things are happening when you move around the city. See to that,  how the most you can exploit the things you see. How can you provide the example for your post, which you see around. By all means, if you have the ability to travel outside of your own dwelling, do it. Then further you get away from your home base, the more you are truly challenging your brain to create new idea sparks that’ll be great for your blog. The point here though is that the same “travel” experience can occur within your own city – even if it not at the same degree that flying to “Honolulu” might.

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