How to make money with Hubpages

October 2, 2010 | by

In the past, being a writer was rather synonymous with being broke than being successful. Even today is hard to make a living from such a hobby, but the Internet era opened new opportunities to writing enthusiasts. You can be a writer without publishing books or working for a newspaper. You can be a writer from your home and you can still earn money.

Hubpages is one website that is eager to encourage writers of any kind. Here you can publish articles on whatever topic you want and your efforts will be valued. However, if you are a beginner, then you have to take into consideration some aspects in order to really be successful.

Search engine optimizer and keywords

First of all, you should know that the main detail you have to worry about is whether your article is searched and read or not. The more your article is looked for, the more money you will get. The way most of us (if not all) search for information is through a search engine. This has its own pattern of finding articles and you want to fit that pattern. All in all, you have to use words and phrases that are most frequently used.

In order to find these key phrases and words, you can use some specialized software, which is the easiest way to get an idea about what people are looking for. However, you search yourself on the Internet and see what domains people are interested in. For example, you can peep to the subject discussed in forums or think of what is necessary for every human being. Nevertheless, do not choose topics that are in just this week and the next one will be forgotten as you want to earn money on a long term basis.

Google AdSense

As you have some good, interesting articles published on Hubpages, you can go just as easy and set up a Google Adsense account. It will enable you to earn some extra money from the advertisements that will be displayed on your Hubpages. You will be paid depending on how many ads are on your Hubpage and how many visitors click on the ads found there. It is an application worth using.

Amazon and EBay modules

These modules are similar to the Adsense application and they let Amazon and EBay to advertise on your Hubpages. By using a id number they give you, you can add products to your article that are related to the topic. If you are writing about a new book, then you can directly advertise it or products related to it.

In the beginning, writing articles for Hubpages may and will not assure your livinghood, but the money you earn by using this website is easy money and you will never stop receiving them. Those few dollars that you will get in the first month will multiply as the number of your articles grows and the time they are published becomes longer. What is more important, you can turn your hobby of writing into a small business that might, one day, become your one and only job.


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