How To Select An Engineering Branch??

March 26, 2011 | by

Now a days engineering is the most preffered path of study for all Students.Pursuing a Btech degree is now equivalent to acquiring a job.It is 90% true,because most of the students who joins for Btech some how finds a job.It is mainly because of the boom in IT and IT related sectors.This make all parents wish their children to have a Btech degree.But the coin has an other side too the number of Btech degree holders is increasing tremendously every year.In the near future the scenario will exactly the same as what  Darwin said,”Survival Of  The Fittest” 🙂

Which one is superior Engineering college or Branch???

As i already said the world is becoming more and more competitive.So selection of your Engineering college and engineering branch is much important.But one thing is to be remembered always,branch is never superior to college.Pursuing a degree in a less prefered branch in IIT is always superior than selecting Electronics and Communication in a less preferred college.If you are not that excellent and you where not able to get into an IIT or NIT,now what to do next?

Now a days the most preffered engineering branches are Electronics and Communication,Computer Science,Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.This does not indicate that pursuing degrees in other engineering branches is a waste.Bulk recruiting companies when come for placement they never give importance to Engineering Branch.They just specify only Btech degree as a requirement.So if your aim is to get a placement join the best college where you can get admission,dont give any preference to the branch.Some students makes big mistakes by going for a posh branches and they join poor engineering colleges.One thing to be noted here is that join for Bio medical,Bio technology,Bio informatics type branches only if you get admission in the best institutions in India.

Now if you personally believe that you were born to become an electronics engineer or a software engineer etc. just go for that branch in any engineering college were you get admission (college standard does not matter).Just perform well,study well success will be yours……..


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