How to use your computer as WIFI router

June 13, 2012 | by

Traveling? In a vacation? away from your wireless router? You don’t have to worry anymore,where every you have your PC/Laptop with internet  you can use your computer as Wireless router.

 Step 1: Download This software (the free version is enough to do this,however the paid version has some additional features).

Step 2: Install the software with Administrator privilege.

Step 3: You need to give a name for your Hotspot,in the free version it will be prefixed with “Connectify-” and give a password to protect it from unauthorized access.

Step 4: In “Internet To share” drop box you need to select the internet source,the connection which is connected to internet (It may be Ethernet cable or wifi,if its wifi the adopter name will be displayed)

Step 5 : In the “Advanced settings” option you need to select How you wish to share this connection(through which Ethernet or Wifi adopter) in “Share over” drop down list.

Step 6: You can also choose the nature of the wifi,either protected or Encrypted from “Sharing mode” dropdown box.

Step 7 : After everything is entered correctly hit “Start hotspot”,when you search withe a device the connection name will be  “Connectify- X ” (X – the name you given in suffix)


Pro features include options like Auto detect and auto start and file sharing options,but it costs 40$.Connectify gives away many coupons time to time if you want PRO version you need to Keep in touch with Connectifty Facebook page.

P.s . Laptop users can use this directly as there is inbuilt wireless router card PC users need to buy USB wireless adopters like this  to stream your wifi,before getting the device post a comment so that I can tell the cheapest place to buy it.



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