HTC Droid Incredible Review: Facts and Features

December 5, 2010 | by

Here’s how the HTC Droid Incredible tastes different. Well, the recipe that makes this phone Verizon’s successful face is a bit complex. It follows kind of a remix formulation and the specific ingredients are — Two parts existing phone-ware blend consisting of Android 2.1 with Sense, adding to the flavor there is a speedy processor, and finally to spice it up a little bit there is Verizon’s network.

HTC Droid Incredible may very well stand out to be the world’s first mullet phone: c’mon its flat, straightforward business in the front, and its got a stylized rubber party in the back. As a matter of fact, if you do care to pop the back condom off (it’s got ridges and it’s rubber, it’s basically a hard condom, now that’s funny), there is the Incredible’s hot-rod red underneath. What it does is to protect the phone from verging into boring-as-hell territory. Well, it is slightly thicker than a Nexus One or iPhone, but sure lighter, and gives a look and feel chintzier than both.

HTC Droide Incredible
HTC Droide Incredible

The 800×480 AMOLED display kinda acts as its face, with the four efficient capacitive touch buttons and an additional optical joystick. The display sure appears to be the quite as same as that of the Nexus One, which happens to be a super-saturated crowd pleaser, which also happens to have a few color reproduction issues. If you tend to Run the test patterns on it, the Incredible also displays the same kind of color fringing as done by the Nexus One.

One thing i should inform you is that need not be alarmed by the funky looking port that rests on the side. Infact, it’s not proprietary, actually it’s kind of a weird-looking micro USB port. Let me tell you, the optical joystick really works, and that also for good, though it may feel pretty unusual at the beginning but then all it needs is just a bit of time. Specifically, it has a number uses and has proved itself quite helpful mostly for navigating between text, since Android still as a whole sucks at text editing. Battery life is not that much good for long use. Well as a function of Android, what do you expect? Ya, right, marvelous freedom to run things in the background to be precise multi programming above anything else. Some people do have complaints against the signal strength received, these issues are yet to be resolved.

The camera of this phone is one of its appeal to the consumers and stretches out as one of the few unique characteristics of the Incredible. HTC this time brings an all new eight-megapixel shooter with a twin-LED flash, which is actually way better than the five megapixel cam HTC’s been shoving in phones.


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