Keep a live CD always. It can help you in many ways

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liveComputer hard disks are electro- mechanical devices. The reliably of a hard disk  depends upon many factors. Bad sectors in the hard disk will lead OS crash. Always be prepared for the worst.. If you are an extensive computer user and your system is running almost round the clock, then be prepared for the worst. Things can go wrong at any time. Most of the people are lazy to take backups, which causes important data loss. Windows operating system is notorious for crashes. Unfortunately people save their data in desktop and my documents, which will not be accessible after a system crash  Here the Linux live CDs comes for your help.

What is a live CD?

Live CD or DVD is a disk containing a bootable operating system, which will operate as a complete operating system with all resources. The live OS will work without any secondary storage drives like hard disk, floppy disk or pen drives.

In what ways live CDs will help you?

Data recovery on OS crash: It is a very useful tool to recover your important document and files stored in the hard drives on an OS crash. Boot the computer with a live CD. Insert one USB flash drive or hard drive. Copy the required data from the drives

Emergency survival on hard disk physical failure: You can use your system with live CD when the hard disk is not functional. It can be used for browsing sites, checking mails, downloading files from net to other removable storage devices like USB flash drive.

Use the virus infected computers: You have to give a presentation, the presentation is in your thumb drive but you are suspecting the system offered to you is infected with malwares. You don’t want to use that system, here live CD will help you. Boot the system with live CD and can load your presentation.

Retrieve windows password (crack password) : Live CD can be used to crack the password of Windows XP and Vista. to download Ophcrack Live CD click here

Secured online money transactions from an infected PC: With a live CD you can do almost secured tension free online money transactions without the worries of malwares like keylogger programs which can steal your passwords.

Repair windows: A wonderful live CD from Trininty is helpful to recover your corrupted windows OS. Details and downloads here

Testing Hardware: Your system not playing any audio. It may be due to both hardware and software problems. Here live CD will help you to identify the fault. Boot system through live CD and if system is performing will, then it can be confirmed that no hardware issues.

Like this numerous live CD applications can be listed out.

I always keep a live CD of Ubuntu which helped me a lot personally in many ways.

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