Keep your online anonymity with the free software TOR

April 6, 2010 | by

Internet censoring and online anonymity reached in a new level after the withdrawal of Google from China.The growth of internet has increasingly put the focus on the rights and wrongs of surveillance and censorship. The absence of legible laws in many countries make things more worsen. In the countries like China and Iran, the censoring rules are more strong .  Various organizations , social activist , NGOs in these countries are using different internet tools to access their network and maintain the anonymity.

NGOs, law enforcement agencies, media men etc across the glob using the free utility TOR   to protect their anonymity online. A branch of U.S. Navy uses TOR and utilized  it  during the recent Middle East deployment. This is an open source software by a group of developers and contributes.

How this works?

TOR is using anonymous distributed servers to route your data, this will fool the internet surveillance system to monitor who is communicating with whom. Moreover the communication between the servers are highly encrypted also. Since the TOR anonymous servers are switched the communication path randomly, it is almost impossible to find the source and destination of the data.

Visit TOR site for download and more details


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