Know the SEO value of your images and optimize it

December 13, 2010 | by

Images are often forgotten as way to make your SEO more effective, but if used correctly it can help improve your website’s search engines rating. In this article we will try to give you the most basic knowledge about pictures SEO so you can use it effectively together with your content SEO.

File Name

File name is one of the most important things when trying to create effective picture SEO. The basic idea behind this is to get your image as much as possible relevant and accurate keyword that describes it. Try to keep image name same main keywords used in your websites content. It’s because search engines don’t “look” at the image, but rather at it’s name. The most popular and fairly effective name for image would be: file-name.jpg.

Alt Tag

Alt tag function is another way to tag your image with even more accurate description. The main idea behind this is to help those with visual impairment, but it can be used effectively for SEO also. So with this function you will get two “birds” with one shot. Not only you will make your SEO more effective, but also help those with visual impairment so they will be coming back to your site one more time. You have to do this in your HTML parameters and be sure to get this description as keyword rich as possible and relevant to your website’s content.

Title Tag

The last function that we are going to discuss in this article is title tag. With this function you can make your pictures even more visitors friendly, because you can add extra information to interest your readers even more. You can even write a short story or description for each picture if available. People tends to like websites that has more than plain text and your job is to catch attention of them from the first sight. It makes your website more memorable so visitors will not forget about it same second they leave it.

Image Size

Image size is also a thing that has to be taken in consideration when creating visitor friendly website. No one likes to look at small pictures and guess what is portrayed in them. It also has benefit that can help improve your SEO, because Google image searcher tends to like pictures that are bigger in size and quality.

SEO Friendly Image plugin

An awesome WordPress plugin SEO Friendly Images can automatically add alt and title attribution to your images as per the specified parameters like post title, image name, category or post tags.

Keep in mind all the things discussed in this article when creating your own website. Remember that you are creating it for humans and they like websites that are more than just text. They need something to remember, be it a nice and informative picture or title tag that provides even more information for them. Pictures are often forgotten as a good way to make your SEO more effective so don’t make this mistake yourself and be sure to take from them everything that you can.


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