Logitech G930 Wireless Headphones Review: Perfect for Gaming

October 19, 2010 | by

Logitech has come up with a pair of headphones with all the requirements, one can think of.  After having some fun with the G930 Wireless gaming headphones for about a week it is sure to join the priority list of your hot and favorite gadgets. These headphones are exactly what many had been looking for all these years. It is a wonderful, stylish, big, full sized, over the ear, enclosed headphone along with big drivers in them. The sound quality delivered by G930 meets the expectations from headphones in the $100+ price range, and they’re mother-flippin’ wireless too! My gadget(review) dream come true!

Well, out of the box, comes a dual function puck shaped USB charger & transmitter dock. Also there is the cord which secures tightly in the dock, and it’s a convenient way to keep the transmitter accessible if you want to bring the headphones with you elsewhere for any reason.

As a matter of fact the headphones themselves are big enough that you should be prepared for Princess Leia jokes. What exactly is interesting is that the earcups and padded headband are quite comfortable, which is good, because the battery life is pretty awesome, lasting for ~10hrs depending on the volume output. Now, for those who worry about the durability of the battery, well its simple, as soon as battery life gets low, the software will pop up and estimate the remaining life for you. On the contrary, there is nothing to worry about because the charging cord, unspooled, will allow for charging while in use under most circumstances.  What needs to be thought about is that the ear cups are a little warm, though, so be prepared for some sweaty summertime ears unless you have good air conditioning.

If you care to take a look on the headphones themselves, you will find that there are several buttons serving different functions. Among the mentionable are a volume wheel, which digitally controls the global PC output level (control panel volume, not just the headphones), a power on/off toggle, microphone mute, 7.1 simulated surround switch, and 3 G keys which you can map to several different programs. The media player seems to be the best option; it flaunts flawless performance with iTunes for pause, play, and track skipping duty.

Set up is easy and can be done with the included Logitech software. Well, the software also provides you the liberty to choose from the ‘voice morphing’ options, which attempt to mask your voice with a variety of silly stylized character voices. Though these sort of features often don’t work that well. Now, about the microphone, it was kinda terrific. No issues in hearing, and Skype sound quality was excellent as well. Moreover if you mute it, a red LED on the end of the mic shows it’s status.

The Logitech G930 cool headphones are already available as one of three new G Series gaming tools Logitech has recently unveiled. You can bag this toll at around $150.


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