Nintendo 3DS Will Surface Latest By March 2011

September 30, 2010 | by

Nintendo has always been considered to be one of the pioneers in the gaming biz. Their gaming consoles have been widely acclaimed over the ages and the brand has gained immense fame out of the gadgets.

Nintendo now flaunts a 3D console for its consumers that will surely mesmerize people with its sensational gaming experience. More-over it follows the trails of the popular Nintendo DS series so no issues are expected to rise regarding usability. The company, often considered the best in hand held gaming console biz revealed infos. on the much awaited upcoming Nintendo 3DS console at the Tokyo conference.

Some of the most popular hand helds released by Nintendo in this decade are Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL Of these the latter has been the most priced take from the house at $190. So, it is clear that all eyes are stuck on the Nintendo 3DS which is supposed to hit the market with a price-tag none less than $300.

The gamers and Nintendo lovers alike thought of its release due holidays 2010 but much to their disappointment it is now being supposed that the Nintendo 3DS will hit Japan on February 26th 2011 and other countries like U.S. and U.K. can enjoy it from March 2011.

The device was unveiled this June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California and game writers has already voted it to be one of the best contemporary hand-helds. So, undoubtedly this calls for an alarm for the rivals like Wii and PSP. Well, unlike others this console will provide 3D experience without glasses for popular titles like “Legend of Zelda” and “Mario Kart”.

Some of the most interesting features that were revealed on Wednesday are that with Nintendo 3DS users will be able to take pictures. So, apart from using it as a gaming console you are free to use it as a camera while on the run and in need to store those precious moments. On the other hand Nintendo gives you the opportunity to take your own pictures and create in-game avatars. As a matter of fact the camera indeed comes with a lot of attractions in terms of gaming experience also. There will also be those crazy shooting games on-camera-screen. Nintendo will be providing the consumers with six unique augmented reality paper cards that will feature lots of interesting and awe-inspiring stuff. Nintendo 3DS provides comfortable updation even when the gadget is in stand-by mode.This release will also facilitate multi-tasking and is expected to be way faster than its predecessors.

The Nintendo DSi came up with 256 MB internal flash memory and support for unto 32 GB storage. This time around we may expect something bigger and better. Well, Nintendo 3DS will be power-packed with a rad charging cradle, a metal stylus and a 2GB SD card to begin with. With the date announced, the game manufacturers have also started with their part of the biz. Lots and lots of 3D titles have already started surfacing the web so it won’t be a problem in using Nintendo’s 3D experience. Guess, this may have been their strategy to be in co-ordination with the game releases.


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