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May 1, 2011 | by

Every SEO related blog is running articles on Panda at the moment – about what it does, who it’s harmed, who benefited and what we can expect from the update in the future. So we all know that Google is trying to make content King again, but what is good, Panda friendly content?

Original Content

This is different to “unique content.” It’s not just about paraphrasing somebody else’s ideas – it’s about having your own. Don’t regurgitate the news. Have your own opinion on it, your own spin on it and essentially have something to say that isn’t the same as what everybody else is already saying. Yes, Google wants to see something new from you.


Make it Personal

The personal touch, where it’s appropriate to do so, injects something into your writing that is unique to you – your personality. That makes your content original in many ways and, taking a personal approach to blogging or writing can often make the writing process more natural.



You’ve undoubtedly heard this one before. Tell the world something they do not already know. It doesn’t mean polling people necessarily either. If you have a website with a few hundred visitors or more and you have Google Analytics then you already have a wealth of data and information at your fingertips. An example of this is the mobile internet usage statistics research paper that we, at Tecmark, pulled together using data we have access to in Analytics. Yes, it’s time consuming. But really worthwhile. Despite the post being a couple of months old now, that particular page on our site is our second most visited at present, second only to the homepage!

What not to do….

Don’t post content just for the sake of posting. If you can’t say anything nice original, then don’t say anything at all. Of course, the more frequently you update your site, the more Google will love you. But Google’s advice to sites negatively impacted by the algorithm update is to remove the offending content. This suggests that not having an update on a certain day will be better for your site or blog than having an unoriginal or poor quality one.

This is a guest post by Stacey Cavanagh – Digital Marketing Manager for SEO specialists, Tecmark


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