PPC Keyword Research: An Important Factor of Website SEO

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One of the things that is of vital importance to search engine optimization is Pay Per Click keyword research, and keyword analysis rank foremost in the techniques to improve search engine rankings.

Any website that has a search engine optimization strategy should prioritize PPC, or pay per click, keyword research. A well-known term in the internet marketing realms, it plays an important role in any SEO effort. Given that majority of websites are search engine traffic-dependent, anything that can contribute to increasing such traffic is desirable. Keyword research serves as the framework of any SEO tactic.

Good Website Design and PPC Keyword Research

Prior to delving into keyword research one must be familiar with the importance of good website design. Website designing contribute much in the organization of the site and therefore a prerequisite to keyword research, since the webmaster needs to have knowledge concerning website content presentation. The overall goal is to be able to come up with a website that is well-organized and attractive for visitors. For more information, the article Website Designing touches on the various aspects in making an effective website design.

What Keyword Means

To understand keywords best, it needs defining in search engine terms. Based on this concept, keywords are specific words or group of words that assist search engines in finding relevant pages or sites among those listed with them. A core idea is what a website’s content is built upon, and keywords represent this idea, and is what an internet user inputs search engines to look for website-related information.

Using keywords, a search engine classifies a website in its index. Therefore, the website’s keywords are the means in which a search engine recognizes it amongst its listings.

Pay per Click Advertising

A tool that marketers use in the web is pay per click advertising. This is how it works. An advertiser asks a website or several websites to allow him to place advertisements inside the sites’ pages. An agreed fee is then paid by the advertiser to the website owner for every click or visit that is made to the advertisement by users or viewers of the website.

Why PPC Keyword Research is Important for a Website

Keyword importance can be easily seen through the fact that they are instrumental to visitors in locating the website. The trick is to use optimum keywords, or those that are effective in locating the site, and sometimes to even generate profits for the owner. To do this, using random text content is not recommended. Phrases that real time search engine users employ in their search should be used. An article, Importance of Keyword and Keyword phrases in Search Engine Optimization, helps stress further how important keyword research is to websites.

Tips on how Keywords can benefit a Website

The essence of keyword research can be realized in four easy steps. However, it helps to know that any keyword research can benefit the site more if it is made prior to writing the webpage’s content.

  • Step 1, Brainstorming.

Keyword research starts with a very simple step. Take the time to write down all the possible phrases a visitor could use in searching that will help them arrive at the content of the future webpage. These can be any single word or phrase relevant to the core theme of the content. For example, content describing how to build a website can be characterized by keywords such as ‘website designing’, ‘how to build a website’, ‘website building’, and more. Include them all in the list of keywords.

  • Step 2, Analyzing.

Analyzing the list is step 2. To accomplish this, a keyword research tool is needed. The best option is to use Google Ad words Keyword Tool, which is free. All that is required is to open the tool and input all the keywords in the list individually in the spaces specified. The tool will then generate various related keywords upon activating search, all of which are ones mostly searched by local and global users alike.

At the end of this step all keywords that are globally searched will have been obtained, and it is now time to choose the ones that best suit the website content.

  • Step 3, Selecting.

Step 3 is the most important. The same keyword tool used in step 2 has the additional feature of displaying the global and local monthly search volumes for each keyword. Selecting those that have more volume seems to be the obvious choice. Before proceeding, remember the factors below when choosing keywords.

  • Search Volume. Keywords that are searched more than others will give the website heavier competition. Select those that will offer only moderate competition.
  • Search Trends. The tool also provides information regarding trends for each keyword search. If the supposed content of the future website to be constructed is evergreen, select keywords that have constant or growing trends year round.
  • PPC Costs are also a factor. This is a consideration if the website is to be designed to earn monetary profits. In this case, high paying keywords will help the site earn more.
  • The relevance of keyword to content is also important. Following the steps listed above carefully, keep only keywords that are of relevance to the content of the website.
  • Including Keyword Choices in the Content

    In accomplishing this step, the keywords chosen are incorporated into the content itself. First, the most relevant keyword is included in the web page title. For the rest, other keywords can be used appropriately, keeping in mind not to go overboard by stuffing the content with too many keywords, or what search engines term as keyword stuffing.

    High-yield keywords should be used in the web page body, and the content should be formulated around them. Enabling contextual advertising will allow the search engine to place high paying advertisements on the web page as long as it perceives the content to be relevant. This will generate more revenue for the website.

    The Function of PPC Keyword Research in Website Maintenance

    It follows that after a successful web launch, care should be taken to track the performance of the website and find ways to make it better. Assessing website performance involves many judgment criteria. These include the number of daily page views, the unique visitors of the website, the volume of subscribers or permanent visitors, and many more. Learn more on tracking website performance and improvement by reading the article Website maintenance.

    PPC Keyword Research as an Essential SEO Tool

    Websites rely on traffic sent to them by search engines, and it is through keywords that this is made possible. The content of a webpage will always owe its success to relevant keywords, and this shows how important keyword research is for websites. Additionally, using high paying keywords in the content brings in more revenue from PPC advertisements present on the website.


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