Searching for a good domain name? Three sites to help you

March 30, 2010 | by

Domain name is the pillar of your web identity and  a name which represents your content / product is a first step towards the marketing process. Selecting a good domain name is always a  cumbersome task. Unfortunately almost all good two, three , four letter branded domain names are either sold out or parked. Then how to select a good domain name for your site? Here three online tools can help you  in searching a good domain name.



This site offers an online tool with multiple search options to select a good brandable domain name. You can search for an attractive domain name for its availability with multiple search refine and create options. You can select a name from the natural, almost natural or hardy natural words of  English, Spanish, French, Italian and German languages.



Domaintools  offers a number of services related to domains like domain search, domain lookup, domain suggestions, details of domain auction, directory, sell details, reverse IP, domain history and many more. Domain Search allows you to use wild-card search of all current, deleted, and expired domain names.

You can search for a good domain name with the advanced search option of the domain search tool which includes:

  • Domain length
  • Optional use of hyphens
  • Word position (Start, end or middle)

Domain tools also offers free and premium API services for webmasters / developers.


domain soup

Various tools of facilitate the selection of a suitable domain name according to your choice. Some Domainnameoup applications:

  • Domain name mangle: The domain name mangle tool will take a word (or words) and try changing individual letters to come up with original ideas for domain names.
  • Domain name typos: The domain name typo tool will drop letters, swap letters, duplicating letters and substitute letters for their adjacent keys on the keyboard.
  • Hyphened domain names: The hyphenated domain name tool will try all combination of replacing letters with hyphens.
  • Domain name thesaurus: Generates multiple domain name combination using maximum of 3 words.
  • Word Combination domain names: The word combination tool is particularly useful if the words for your domain could possibly be mixed up.
  • Multiple choice domain names: The multiple choice tool is particularly useful when you have a phrase where one or more of the words could have substitutes.
  • Domain name by number of letters, Domain name by dictionary words , Male, female, family, jargon, technical etc.
The hyphenated domain name tool will try all combinations of replacing letters with hyphons. This page is most useful for phrases, for example face to face. This will save you entering hyphens yourself.



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