Sharpie liquid pencil- A unique pen-pencil combination

August 10, 2010 | by

The popular permanent marker brand Sharpie (Manufactured by Sanford) has unveiled a new pen with the features of pencil- Liquid pencil.  Sharpie liquid pen is neither a pen nor a pencil, somewhat in-between the both. Writings with this pen is erasable up to 3 days and will be permanent after that like ordinary ink pens. Liquid Graphite is used as ink.  No more broken tips, no more sharpening. What you think it can be a revolutionary invention? The huge response on the same in Sharpie blog shows that.  Sharpie is supplying special eraser with the pen pack. One doubt persists-Whether it can be erased by using a conventional eraser or not.

This is extremely useful for the office guys and students who commit mistakes more often. Sharpie liquid pencil is available in stores after September 2010. Sharpie may not be available in India but hope some leading exclusive pen stores may make it available shortly.  The product is available in the online store Office Depot for $4.9. Pack contains 0.5 mm liquid pencil, Opaque black barrels, Black lead and erasers.  Presently only color available is black. Sharpie not yet responded to the comments regarding the availability of other color options.

There is a contradictory statement regarding this pen. Blog of sharpie says the ink will be permanent after 3 days while the Office Depot says after 24 hours.


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