Solar Kindle- World’s first Solar Powered Kindle Cover

January 9, 2012 | by

A rough estimation says you can save one tree per year if your daily news paper is replaced with an e-version. Amazon Kindle is the most popular e book readers across the world. Now you can make your Kindle more greener through an innovative Solar Powered cover. World’s first solar powered Kindle cover  SolarKindle guarantees around three months of unplugged Kindle usage on normal day light.

solar powerd Kindle cover

A flexible amorphous light weight solar panel charges the Kindle in direct sunlight or shade. Apart from that a 1500mAh battery on the cover works as a standby power supply for the Kindle. Battery charging level is indicated through three LEDs (Red, Yellow and Green). An in-built LED reading light provides sufficient illumination for comfortable reading. An eight hours of direct sunlight can provide 80% of backup power to Kindle. One hour of charging from the reserve battery is enough to run the Kindle for 10 days. You can charge the reserve battery through USB port also. This cover weighs 250 gms only. Cover material can be leather like, leather or leatherette Polyurethane. This form lined cover protects your Kindle screen from scratches and shock. Cost of this Kindle cover is starts from $79.99 and will be available in market after the second week of this month.


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