Tata Docomo’s website appears to be hacked !

September 23, 2010 | by

The website of Tata Docomo ( is appeared to be hacked or infected with malware. Google has marked this site as a malicious site, which can harm the computer. Recently many servers and sites have been affected with Java script injection on index pages. Once visiting the infected sites the script will execute and the visitors will be redirected to hacker’s sites which simulate a fake antivirus scan and prompt you to download a software to heal the threat.  We have already published an article on such type of attacks. Few months back several Godaddy hosted websites, blogs and forums were affected with such type of attack. After a short break, two days back again Godaddy hosted sites were targeted.

Security loopholes in server side and hacked FTP information from the admin user computers are the root of this type of attacks. Search engines and antivirus software normally update the information about this type of hosts and attacks.

Update: Now they have cleaned the site and safe for browsing


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