The Myths and reality surrounding OS 10.7 X

November 17, 2010 | by

Officially the Apple has not made announcement about the launch of their new product OS X 10.7 and also has not yet named it properly. But the guess work is going on that it would be named as OS X Jungle and the new version will be the top of all the existing ones.

One thing is certain that the new version will be outstanding with rich features. But till today no one really knows anything about this Mac OS X and if at all somebody says he knows what exactly Mac OS X is then it is mere hyperbole. Accepting this fact, now let us get on to solve some myths that surround OS X.

Some gossip is going on in the air that OS X will not allow any apps from the developers freely and it will be rooted through Apple as in the case of iPhone and iPad. But the truth is Steve Jobs has openly admitted that OS X will not have its app store in a recent mail.

Second rumor is about the touch screen. There is not little chance for having touch screen system in OS X, since it is really impossible to have such facility for desktop computers with several monitors. Touch screen is possible only for mobile phone which is of much smaller size.

And the third gossip that circulates is its revolutionary element. It is true because, Apple was advertising and looking out for a software person who could create some novel features in the upcoming OS X. And if you are curious to know what would be the new features in it you would better wait for some time, May be it would be something like cloud computing technology, and may be it would appear in the next version of 10.8 or in any other new version.

Any new product of Apple will not be without great expectations. So, what are the features you would expect in OS X? My reply in this issue will be snow leopard. Even after one year after its launch none of the items in the catalogue of snow leopard has been answered. Hence, there are chances that Apple would take into consideration some of the issues in its new product.

Similarly many features of Finder and Finder windows could be addressed. It would be even better if it holds quick time 7 features so that we need not use 32 bit code again. Being a developer of the product of quick time I hope to see that element which were once left and discarded. Likewise, my choice would be the expectation of Dashboard in the new version of OS X. Updated life apps has lost its importance in the current scenario, and it has been replaced by the latest version. Each one has some expectation about the new product OS X. and we have to wait for some period to see how Apple fulfills all our hope in the much awaited product nicknamed as OS Jungle.


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