Touch Technology Allows for Digital Creation

November 24, 2011 | by

If you visit any website for the best laptop reviews, there is a good chance that you will see more product descriptions for tablets than anything else available on the market. People are beginning to crave more interactivity from their software and tablets are delivering it at a stunning rate.

While the traditional laptop may be the standard when it comes to conducting professional business, tablets are starting to take control of the entertainment and creativity worlds. Here are some apps and tools you can use to get your creative gears into overdrive with your tablet:


Adobe Ideas

Adobe has been the undisputed leader in creative software for over a decade now, and their grip on the market doesn’t look to be waning. While they got into a scuff with Apple over the use of Flash on their mobile devices, Adobe has recently conceded their mistake and are now working on programs which promote the open sourcing of HTML5.

Think of Adobe Ideas as a light version of the premier design software Illustrator. Users can create customizable vectors, color swatches, and gradients all while using their fingers to command the screen. If a user is not comfortable using his or her fingers, they can easily purchase a Stylus pen from Hard Candy. With the use of the Adobe cloud or iCloud, users can access their work from any computer. This allows for touchscreen versatility anywhere, and the use of desktop software for support.

Comic Life

While people are not reading books and novels as much as they once used to, the popularity of graphic novels is soaring through the roof. App developer Plasq has found a way to turn the photos people take for popular social media sites like Facebook and Flickr and turn them into a well designed and carefully crafted story. By using Comic Life, users can create a unique strip and fill in blurbs about how the photos came about in the first place.

Domino’s Pizza Hero

A lot of mundane tasks are catching on in popularity through online gaming. The ad agency of Crispin Porter + Bogusky has taken this theory and applied it to a job you may have held while working your way through college. They have successfully simulated every aspect of making a pizza on a Domino’s assembly line, all the way down to the quality control aspects and real time feedback customers can give to individual restaurants. The ecommerce aspect of this app also play a huge factor because users can order the pizzas they have created after playing the game.

Yonac miniSynth

The iPad is undoubtedly about the implementation of a visual sensory overload for those who use it. With the most vivid display of any tablet on the market, many musicians are turning to it in order to replace their instruments. Instead of purchasing an expensive set at a music store, Yonac miniSynth allows users to create electronic loops, beats, and sounds with all of the power and precision of a synthesizer that could cost over 1,000 dollars.

Digital tablet creation is just taking off as a genre. As soon as the proliferation of these devices start to overtake laptops, we can expect to see more developers creating apps that are geared specifically for tablets. We will also see an increased education of tablets throughout the creative school system. Apple may have outdone their own Mac with the creation of the iPad.


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