What Does the Apple iPad to do with Archeology

November 18, 2010 | by

You may not see an instant relationship between the Apple iPad and Archeology at first thought. Archeology refers to the scientific study of ancient, prehistoric fossils and ruins. The IPad is on the leading edge of new technological innovation. How can these completely different disciplines interact? Well the versatile and portable design of the Apple iPad, along with its slender and convenient to carry form factor, make it well suited for utilization in the field work Archeologists perform on a daily basis. The user friendly direct input screen is ideal for recording the sophisticated data that archeologist gather in the course of work. Notes, sketches and drawings, that used to be written by hand on paper are now recorded and maintained in a digital format.

Practical iPad Use in the Field of Archeology

What Does the Apple iPad Have to do with ArcheologyDocumenting data faster and with higher accuracy is a priceless tool for researchers. Being able to input data straight to a digital format increases transfer of data and creates a more effective operation. Envision how much more slowly the archeological was previously. First an archeologist working away at a site would generate notes concerning his critical findings. These written notes would be carried around throughout the period the archeologist was working in the field. In the event anything got misplaced it would be lost forever and the researcher would have to attempt to reconstruct from memory their discoveries. Once in the lab the data would be uploaded to other individuals to study. By using an iPad, data is now shared instantly. With a decent disaster recovery plan set up, even if the Apple iPad was misplaced or damaged the information collected would undoubtedly be backed at a remote site database.

Not merely in theory

On the Apple site you can find an article regarding an actual archeological crew making use of the Apple iPad in their field activities. A lot of the built in applications that are standard in the iPad are now being utilized by the team. This demonstrates that ideals regarding how technology can have practical uses in the lives of various professionals, even the most unexpected, can turn to reality.

Sometime soon many applications that are currently being developed will eventually become realistic and feasible apps for iPad’s customers.

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