Why not Rockmelt Browser?

June 3, 2011 | by

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that Facebook is the most popular on the face of the Internet. And if you are one of Facebook’s million users, you know what we mean. This browser is especially designed keeping Facebook and Twitter users in mind. Rockmelt is compatible with both Apple and Microsoft and not to forget, iPhone too. Most people who have used Rockmelt have nothing but rave reviews for it. Listed below are the reasons why you won’t be making a mistake by opting for this multi-faceted browser:

Rockmelt browser


If you are an iPhone user then you can synchronize your desktop computer with the RockMelt application on your phone. Another advantage is whatever activity you may have carried out on your computer’s Rockmelt browser will be carried over to your iPhone so that you can carry on from where you left off.

More than web-browsing:

Another plus point of Rockmelt is it has meant for so much more than just browsing the Internet. Those who wish to check out the Internet can do so, but it is mainly customized for Facebook and Twitter users. It allows the user to see his Web feeds, the top services offered and so much more. The browser can provide a wholesome experience to the user, without having the user to go anywhere else for it.

Option of “View Later”:

While browsing through interesting articles or some related documents, often people are forced to leave it halfway. And once they close the browser, the document can get lost. Rockmelt provides the View Later feature of saving that document in your equipment especially your iPhone, so that you can finish reading it at leisure.

Easier Search:

Unlike the way users are forced to open a new tab for every new search entry, Rockmelt has this feature where you can integrate the ‘search’ option in the browser. So, they have the option of staying on the same page and view the results thrown up by the Search Engines, as an overlay on the page they are viewing.

Rockmelt is everywhere:

Regardless of where you are using your browser from, you can access your preferences such as your bookmarks and so on. This is mainly due to the functionality that it is a browser that people can log into.

These are some of the qualities of Rockmelt browser that was introduced to the Internet users, last November. So far most users have been comfortable with the browser but time will tell if this satisfaction is meant to last or not.


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