Why SEO is not everything for a Website

November 9, 2010 | by

Search engine optimization became the same thing for marketers and website owners as holy grail used to be for medieval knights. With the hopes in getting high in search engines ratings and attracting thousands of visitors daily almost every website has became optimized to perfection. However they forget the most important aspect of their successful business – costumer. Their websites became so optimized that it looks that they are designed for some kind of robots not real people. Of course there are many good things that SEO can do for you, but other hand there is a lot of that it can’t.

SEO will not sell you more products.

Your website can be optimized with best keywords in the whole internet, it can rank in the first page of search engine ranking, but that doesn’t mean that you will get more costumers. Remember that people are looking for products not for your overly optimized website. It all goes down to products that you are offering, quality of them, what payment methods do you offer, prices and many other things. It would be stupid to expect a proportional rise in sales with increase of your traffic. Common visitor can be looking for information on specific product or just checking for best prices around.

SEO will not keep costumers in your website

It can turn different way actually. If your website is designed mechanically just to please search engines it will not be acceptable to real human visitors. People may get pissed of by irreverent sentences stuffed with keywords and leave just after few seconds. Once again I have to tell that your main concern has to be costumer not SEO.

SEO will not build a strong brand for you

This thesis is also related to those discussed above. Your website has to have something interesting to offer for your costumers. It may be great and interesting content, exceptional web design or anything you can think of. People has to remember your website, it has to be catchy. There is no use from visitor that visits your website and forgets about it the same second he leaves. Don’t expect that SEO will make this for you.

Good SEO makes your website more easy to find, but be aware not to concentrate all your efforts just on it. Remember that you are working with people not with some search engines algorithms. If you want to play with this setup a new website and do it. Next time think twice before considering turning your website in a prime example of SEO efficiency or hiring some agent who is talking only about rankings, because it can deter all the costumers you had and you will not attract new ones.


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