2G-to 3G : A revolution in communication technology

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World witnessed a revolution in communication technology over a very short span of time. Land phones-Cordless phones-Pagers – Mobile phones. Mobile phones have changed the way of life. We have seen the development of a mobile phone culture in this era. Technological advancement led the adoption of a digital life style. Time is the most precious resource in this digital world.  3G is the mobile phone technology which breaks the barriers of time. As the name suggests it is  a third Generation Technology which brings the power of broadband to your mobile handsets. Before going to the life context of 3G, let’s go through the technology of 3G.

3G and other mobile broadband technologies

The term “mobile broadband” specifies wireless high speed Internet access through a portable device such as mobile phones, portable modems etc. As per standards, the minimum speed requirement to call a connection as broadband is “256Kbps”. Several technologies are being utilized for mobile broadband service. Before the 3G era the most popular mobile broadband technology was EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized). This is using the CDMA technology. 3G is a GSM technology. Then what was the delay in launching the 3G network. GSM networks are frequency limited, means additional bandwidth is required to cater more subscribers and data.

3G is a Universal Mobile Telecommunication System. Unlike the other communication systems like EDGE, HSPA, EVDO etc UMTS required new frequency allocation and setting up of base stations. The technological compatibility facilitate UMTS devices to use GSM services also. This made 3G popular amongst other mobile broadband services. GSM is the most popular and widely used standard of mobile communication technology across the world.

3G handsets

All 3G handsets are not similar. Theoretically 3G technology supports upto 42Mbps . In market two types of 3G handsets are available. R 99 handsets and HSDPA (High Speed Down link Packet Access)handsets.

R 99 handsets can give a maximum of 384 Kbps download speed and HSDPA handsets can give a maximum of 7.2Mbps speed. R 99

Nokia 6650-The first 3G handset of Nokia

architecture (Release 99 ) is the first stage development of UMTS technology. World witnessed the first UMTS   R 99 service in 2002 and gradually it has been upgraded to HSDPA technology to provide good bandwidth. Nowadays R 99 handsets are almost obsolete.

How 3G can transform your life?

In this modern digital era high speed Internet connection is an inevitable requirement, so the authorities of Finland showed the courage to make  the Internet access as a fundamental right for their citizens. In this fast moving life, one should not be bounded to the conventional wired Internet connection. Here comes the importance of 3G services. The revolutionary third generation technology bring the whole world into your palm in a lightening speed.

  • Good bye to conventional land line broadband

Most of the people keep land phones only for the purpose of broadband. Active Internet users are very well aware of the problems with the conventional land line based broadband connections. Waiting period to get connection,  Zero mobility, Frequent disconnection, Poor speed…etc are some examples only. Now the 3G service can be the last nail in the coffin box of land line services.

  • Video Calling

Face to face talking- what else can be the best way of communication ? Video calling feature  is the most favored application of 3G service. This will become as popular as SMS service.

  • 3G for professionals.

3G service will make the busy life of professionals more comfortable. Sometimes it can become a life saver also. In a busy schedule if an executive forgot to take some important document or presentation, with  3G service he can get the same from his wife or colleague within no time.

  • Easy Navigation

Smart phones are equipped with GPS system to facilitate navigational services , but this feature is really useless without appropriate maps. If you don’t have good Internet speed, then the maps will not be loaded timely and properly. 3G rules out all these problems and makes your navigation more easy .

  • Real time sharing of videos and Images

While traveling we normally miss our beloveds. The real time sharing of our travel experience is always a great experience.  You can the real time travel videos and pictures to your friends and relatives through the high speed 3G service.

  • Mobile TV service

Internet and mobile TV services are not so popular mainly because of the poor bandwidth of the Internet connection. The high speed 3G service will never allow you to miss your favorite TV shows on go.

  • Other applications

Fast and easy social networking, Online share/ Forex trading, Online games etc

Application of Internet is limitless and 3G adds mobility to Internet so there is no limit to the application part of 3G

3G in India

In October 2001 , Japan’s NTT Docomo launched world’s first 3G service. With the power of  experience and technology of NTT Docomo,  TATA Docomo launches the 3G service from 05 November onwards in India  Bangalore, the IT hub of India has been selected as the launch pad. Tata Docomo has launched an interactive flash website to explain the 3G life. See the official 3G Life site


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