Important Tips for Link Building

March 11, 2011 | by

You do not have to work in Internet marketing to realize the importance of link building in promoting your online business. No amount of paid advertising can instill confidence in a customer like a link from a trusted web site. Many companies, however, do not understand that a link must come from a relevant, trusted website in order to be effective. Simply having as many links as possible will not guarantee (and should not even suggest) results. The following are some tips to help improve your link building. To take full advantage of link building (and other Internet marketing techniques) contact a search engine optimization business for an insider’s knowledge.
  • Be careful who you link to and who links to your website. If a person goes onto some spammy, untrustworthy site, and then sees a link to your site, you will be negatively associated with the spam site.
  • Make sure the websites you link with are relevant to your website. If you specialize in antiques and collectibles, then linking with a body building website is not very wise. You might bring in more traffic perhaps, but it will most likely be visitors who are not interested in what you are selling. Conversions (meaning the conversion of a visitor into a customer) are the only hits that matter – having tons of visitors is irrelevant if none of them are doing business with you.
  • Be careful about which directories you submit your website to. Look for sites that are geared toward a specific topic rather than just a general directory of websites – not many people pull up a generic directory to search for stuff.
  • To build up a good assortment of backlinks, you might want to write articles on whatever your website specializes in, and submit these articles to directories. More detailed articles should go to informational sites such as, while fun “Top Ten [insert subject here],” articles may fare well on websites like or
  • Build up some link diversity. Do not have a bunch of links from a single domain; instead, get a diverse set of links from all different websites. Of course, remember that the key is relevance, so do not just link to whomever in order to get an assortment of links to different sites.
  • The same logic applies to backlinks. If there are a large number of links to your site from one specific website, that may not be helpful since the links are limited to the audience of that particular website. You should get backlinks to your site from as many different domains as possible (while of course keeping in mind the issue of relevancy).

This is a guest post by  Erick D. Smith who lives in San Diego and blogs about online marketing and search engine optimization. Understanding SEO is not as tricky as many people believe, it just requires a implementing strategies, such as link building, optimizing on-site content and keyword research.


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