Ten tips to use netbooks more effectively

February 17, 2010 | by

apple_netbook_2Net books are the new generation ultra portable devices. In the previous post I have already discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of Netbooks over Laptops. With some Add-ons and tricks you can optimize your Netbooks for best performance.

  1. Operating system. The first thing is  you must be realistic about the  processing capabilities of Netbooks. Load the operating system which utilizes less resources. Windows XP or Ubuntu Netbook remix are the best.
  2. Antivirus software- Don’t install the antivirus software which eats more system memory and processing capacity. Free antivirus softwares like Avira, Avast, AVG etc do wel. If you are using Ubuntu or similar Lynux destros then you will get more system resources at the cost of Anti Virus software.
  3. Startup programs- Keep bare minimum programs at start-up. In windows XP you can do it by – Start> Run and type msconfig. A window will be opened and on the start up tab un-check the unwanted programs
  4. Additional memory: Most of the Netbooks are coming with 1GB RAM. If possible,  upgrade it to 2 GB.
  5. Portable applications: Portable applications uses considerably less system resources , you can execute and use as per requirement.
  6. GMA booster: This is a free application, which increase the graphic performance of Netbooks.  Download GMA booster from here .
  7. Battery: The main fascination of Netbooks are the ultra portability, for such an ultra portable device,  battery life is most important. Unfortunately,  some Netbooks are coming only with 3 cells battery, which will give only two to three hours battery life. Hence it is better to get an additional battery or upgrade it to a 6 cell battery if possible.
  8. Optimize for best performance: If you are using Windows XP, optimize it for best performance for that go to My computer > Right click > Properties> On advanced tab click the button on performance setting> In the visual effect select “Adjust for best performance ” option.
  9. Use the cleaner software like CCleaner: The fragmented registry, unwanted temporary files and System caches can reduce the performance of Netbooks. The effective and free applications like CCleaner can clear the unwanted cache files, fragmented registry etc.
  10. Browsers: Netbooks are widely used as a potable device to browse net. Don’t install unwanted browser tool bars. It will take more memory and reduce the viewing area of  small screen. Go through this blog post to increase the viewing area of Firefox


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