Solution for the buzz of Vuvuzela in FIFA World cup 2010

June 17, 2010 | by

The buzz of the vuvuzelas has become a part of FIFA World cup 2010, South Africa. FIFA has already got hundreds of complaints against this traditional African foot– long plastic horn.  Thousands of fans blow this throughout the matches which drowning everything else including the referee’s whistle, commentaries and stadium announcements. Experts say the estimated noise reaches more than 127 decibels, can even permanently damage the ears.

BBC is planning to provide a Vuvuzela clean coverage of FIFA Worldcup 2010 in response to the raising complaints.  Majority of the spectators across the world are not in favor of this annoying noise.

You are also annoyed with this buzzing noise?  Try to adjust the graphical equalizer of TV/ audio system to suppress the frequency of Vuvuzela which coming in the range of 300 Hz. Go to the sound settings of your TV/Audio system and reduce the 300 Hz frequency to a comfortable level. If  there is no 300 Hz band in your TV, then adjust the 200 HZ or 400 Hz band accordingly.

Some smart guys are using this opportunity to bag some bucks from this noise- A site comes with a solution – “This is your chance to enjoy the FIFA world championship 2010 without the annoying Vuvuzela noise!”  For 2.9 €, you can download a special noise cancellation MP3 and play it back on your music player. Place the speaker near your TV, this  will suppress the Vuvuzela noise! through  ” phase cancellation effect” . Is it worth? Or a scam?  Not tried and no comments.  I am satisfied with the mute button of my TV :-).


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