Make an attractive cover for your Facebook Timeline profile- Easiest method

March 23, 2012 | by

See the Facebook timeline profile of Giuseppe Draicchio .

facebook timeline

The same and similar timeline profiles have been featured in several websites. Guides are available to create such awesome creative Timeline covers. Most of them are Photoshop template based, for that you must have a little bit Photoshop experience.  Now without making the hands dirty, you can have a great Facebook Timeline Cover. Thanks to . Within few mouse clicks your Timeline cover is ready.

Presently four timeline design options are available viz Merge Profile and cover photo, Missing Jigsaw piece, Tear off the bottom edge and profile picture zoom. See the effects in action:

Merge Profile and Cover Photo

background cover

Missing Jigsaw Piece

jigsaw timeline

Tear off the bottom edge

teared edge facebook profile

Profile picture zoom

zoom timeline cover

To make a Timeline cover you need to upload an image or can use your existing cover image. Just do some cropping an realignment to get the desired effect. You can see the real-time preview of your Timeline cover. See the image .


You need to like the Fanpage of Trickedouttimeline for downloading cover and  profile images.

Why to wait? Update your Facebook Timeline cover now  and amaze your friends.  This is one of the best applications I ever came across to make creative Facebook Timeline Cover pages. What about you?


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