How an Email List can Benefit your blog to get more traffic?

April 18, 2011 | by

E-mail is the one the best and solid ways to interact with people or your friends until the advent of social networking sites. Having an E-mail list is essential, such a list can provide you legitimate way to have contact with your potential customers. Some of the market internet affiliates show that due lack of effective information put in email, might lose interest in users to even opt for that link. It is that important, there are, however, a few things to keep in mind when creating your opt-in list.Email List

Subscription provider:

This is the most important step before offering subscription, choose a best service for your purpose in automating your registration procedure for that matter. Once you have such a service running, users will opt for you blog article when they visit without your supervision. You can even choose whether the approval for subscriptions is automated or manual. Some of the top companies are Aweber, Vertical Response, Feed Burner from Google.

Showcase your subscription Tab:

Once you are through with your service provider, now its time to showcase or publicize the subscription list. Have a nice attractive, and grasping tab or column or area for the subscription list. Some bloggers even try this dialog box to be pop-up when their blog loads. Well that just how you use your creativity to attract more subscribers.

Offer eBooks:

Offer something free for your subscribers so that, people will opt for it and get subscribed to your blog. Or offer a course and learning guide on your topic, and call all the members for a live group conversation, this fetches your more subscriptions.  Be sure to place your offer in a prominent area of your homepage and, for best results, on every page of your website.

Quality and content:

As with all aspects of your website, you should make regular checks to ensure that everything is always in good working order. Do not play with your subscribers by providing them with non-essential content. Frame your newsletter as an important benefit of your offer. It will do no good to get subscribers if they immediately unsubscribe after getting your gift.  Then do your best to make sure that your newsletter lives up to its billing.

Confidentiality and Safety:

Make sure that you maintain your credibility and confidentiality of the subscribers, until and unless you provide them nice content with safety, it will make them feel secure. A good mailing list service will also have safeguards in place to assure a secure platform that keeps customer data safe.

And remember always, don’t forget to encourage people to get subscribed to your blog for more news and updates. Show your visitors how your blog is more valuable.

Guest post by Suraj KV. He is a professional blogger who usually blogs at SmartFatBlogger. He often writes about blogging tips, tech reviews, internet and SEO solutions for various blogs and websites where you can with the latest Norton promotional code and coupons for Go Daddy.


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