Sony VPL-VW90ES 3D Projector Hits the Market

September 28, 2010 | by

Sony has always been the company to bring out some of the best tools as far as the entertainment domain is concerned.

With a vast range of appliances right from HD-TVs, sound systems, gaming consoles and notebooks, Sony happens to be a Giant in the Tech biz. Sony’s recent achievement has been the inclusion of blue-ray playback capability in its PS3 console which has facilitated its consumers to enjoy movies in HD quality without buying a blue-ray player for the sake of playing blu-ray disks. PS3 equips the users to get on with movies beside playing games. Sony now brings VPL-VW90ES the brand new projector from Sony that is supposed to facilitate 3D experience.

With great success of blue-ray titles like Avatar, Sony decided to improvise its goal in delivering home entertainment. Besides Avatar, The Dark Knight has also been a chart-buster as far as HD home cinema is concerned. To cope up to the rising market of Stereoscopic 3D entertainment Sony finally decided on the inauguration of its 3D front projector. This is the very first release from Sony that will flaunt the Elevated Standard” (ES) technology, and will work hand in hand with Sony’s HD technology line up. Sony has always worked on its quality and that has made them one of the most popular brands world-wide. The VPL-VW90ES is power-packed to deliver the joy of a high build quality and an outstanding video experience.

This new projector is not just designed to work along with Sony appliances alone but has been specially designed so that it also provides support for the comfortable integration with third-party control systems. This majestic projector flaunts Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD) and is full HD at 1920 x 1080 resolution. The tool without much hassles can seamlessly deliver film-like performance using Sony’s very own 24p True Cinema. It will comfort its users with a master-blend display where you are to find amalgamation of frame sequential 3D technology alongside active-shutter glasses that will make way for Sony’s proprietary 240Hz high frame rate technology. All this bundled together will unleash smooth, full high-definition 3D images.

Interestingly, the offerings haven’t been bounded to this only, the 240Hz high frame rate drive will also be equipped with support for minimize cross talk the will result in minimal image distortion. This will pave the path for 3D and 2D HD cinematic experience that is sure to make you go crazy. Apart from this solitary there is Sony’s Advanced Iris 3 technology which offers Ultra High Performance (UHP) lamp capable of driving a brightness level of 1,000 ANSI lumens.

This gadget from the house of Sony is scheduled to hit the marketplace right this month so stay hooked until some more news on the product is available. Or else get your hands on them first. You can bag this at around $10,000 and then sit back at home and enjoy some 3D action.


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