Share your mobile broadband for multiple PCs(BSNL EVDO, Indicom Photon + Reliance Net Connect broadband, BSNL 3G, MTNL 3G)

November 11, 2009 | by

Nowadays many people prefer mobile broadband service due to multiple reasons. The leading mobile broadband service providers in India are BSNL EVDO, Reliance Net Connect and Tata Indicom Photon Plus. Normal ADSL wired broadband connection can be very easily shared to multiple multiple machines. For that simply configure the Modem to PPPoE mode, If the modem is WiFi then can directly access the net through all Wi FI enabled computers simultaneously. If the Modem is not WiFI then connect the  Ethernet (LAN)  port of  Modem with a Switch. Connect the PCs to LAN ports of the switch.

This method can not be made applicable for the mobile broadband and 3G devices.

There are two methods to share the broadband to multiple PCs

Through client server architecture :    For this the broadband device is plugged into  one of your PCs  and the same to be configured as a server. Connect this PC to multiple machines through Switch or Hub. This method has a main disadvantages  i.e the  server machine to be kept always on.

Through a 3G router:

3G ROuter

To share a mobile broadband connection or 3G connection to multiple PCs a suitable 3G router/ gateway is required. Earlier this was not available in Indian market, Now the 3G router Hame -HM-432R can be purchased though e Bay.  It cost is around Rs 5000/-.


  • Compatible with all Indian EVDO and 3G services (BSNL EVDO, Tata Indicom Photon plus, Reliance Netconnect broadband, BSNL 3G and MTNL 3G)
  • WI FI speed upto 54Mbps
  • 10/100 Ethernet RJ 45-1 (LAN)
  • 10/100 Ethernet RJ 45-1 (WAN)
  • 10/100 Ethernet RJ 45-1Windos 200, XP, Vista and Linux Compatible 

Supported EVDO and 3G Devices:

  • Reliance Netconnect +: Huawei EC168C, Huawei EC1260, ZTE AC8710, ZTE 2726
  • Tata Photon +: Huawei EC168C, Huawei EC1260
  • BSNL EVDO: ZTE AC 8700
  • BSNL 3G: Huawei E156G
  • MTNL 3G: Huawei E156G


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