Microsoft encourages its developers to develop apps for Windows 7 Phone in spare time

August 8, 2010 | by

As you know, Apple’s iPhone is leading mobile device on the market that gains more and more popularity with each day. Microsoft isn’t pleased with that so it is working on a brand new phone called Windows 7 Phone that should compete with Apple’s amazing device. Apple’s iPhone is a great platform for developers and applications and we’re about to see alternative that comes from Microsoft soon enough.

As you know Microsoft has already decided to give each employ a single Windows 7 Phone, and the person behind that was Andy Lees. In his email to employees, he said that Windows 7 Phone is on its way and that he’s hoping to see the final version this fall. Of course all the employees, about 90 000 of them all over the world will have the opportunity to use it and get their own for free before it hits the stores. Besides that, Microsoft wants to keep competition such as iPhone and BlackBerry away from its developers, and it wants that developers use Windows 7 Phone. That way they’ll be able to evaluate it and try it out before it’s released to the public. Interesting thing is that Microsoft encourages their developers to find bugs and develop applications for Windows 7 Phone in spare time, so we can’t shake the feeling that Microsoft is giving away phones just so developers can test it and make some apps if they have spare time. We don’t know if any developer would make applications in spare time, but anything is possible. On the other hand, there aren’t better testers than Microsoft employees and developers so this move seems justified. As for development there will be many Microsoft’s assets available on Windows 7 Phone such as: Windows, Windows Live, Bing, Zune, Xbox Live, Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Silverlight, .NET, XNA and Visual Studio therefore developers will have plenty of opportunities for development, if they find some spare time.

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