HP Photosmart Plus ePrint All-in-One B110e Out Now

September 27, 2010 | by

HP has been the pioneer to series of computing technogies right from the birth of the first computer. Today, HP holds the key to some of the world’s best ever computing solutions.

With days passing by HP is moving on with the pace of the new brands providing them support and platform for smooth execution. Recently, there have been mass upheavals in the mobile biz and a number of bleeding edge technologies have been unveiled by the mammoths like Apple and others. To cope up with the rising demand of the market the engineers at HP decided that their printing technology should be enhanced to work hand in hand with the latest tools around the world.

HP’s ePrint technology named Erego takes the printing industry to altogether new horizons. With this new innovation HP printing devices will facilitate its users with an option of printing via the power of e-mail. HP’s new line of printers are capable of recognizing e-mails sent from any devices even a smart-phone.

HP’s release of an Wi-Fi enabled printer has directly responded to Apple’s crisis. Recently Apple had been facing the blame that it’s iPad lacked proper support for printers. With HP’s new technology printing would be made easy for Apple.

The product name is HP Photosmart Plus eAll-in-One B110e and it bears the marks of all the previous excellence of HP along with the latest to be mentioned ePrint. This printer will be equiped with support for a number of applications that include some of the Google apps as well.  Now, your printer may not be wired in with your PC but that won’t stop it from printing, in-fact even if your computer goes out of order then also your printer will serve you with none the less efficiency.

The outlook of this marvelous creation remains similar to the earlier All-in-one models but inside it is way ahead of all its predecessors. All you got to do to enjoy the benefits of the HP Photosmart Plus eAll-in-One B110e is to register with HP – their are unique email addresses dedicated to each printer that will enable you to get on with your printing  jobs without much difficulty. No need to download drivers or look for ports. HP B110e will be needing none.

All that you will be needing is just an internet connection wired or wireless whichever it may be HP will deliver you with performance. There is a dedicated portal the HP ePrint Center which will keep an eye on your printer, managing the accounts, configuring it and performing all the other necessities.

The printer have already been tested thoroughly and is working quite as expected – delivering simply outstanding performance. The gadget is priced at a nominal Rs. 7,570.


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