Apple Announces Next-Gen Product line-up

September 7, 2010 | by

The holiday season is upon us and as a result, Apple has released next-generation versions of the iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and Apple TV. Steve Jobs ran through the new products last Wednesday at Apple’s annual music event. If you missed the presentation you can  watch the video here. For a summary of the new products, read on.

iPod Touch

The next-generation iPod Touch looks much like the iPhone 4 and is equipped with much of the same features found on the iPhone 4.  A front and back-facing camera is added. The back-facing camera is capable of shooting in HD. A Retina display can be found on the unit, the same display used on the iPhone 4. The iPod Touch will be capable of Facetime via wifi and can interact with both iPod Touch and iPhone 4 devices. Price starts at $229.

iPod Nano

The New iPod Nano has drastically changed from the previous version. It looks much like a very small version of the iPhone 4. It features a small touch display, with enough room to display four home icons. Unfortunately, the camera featured in the last-generation Nano has been removed and the ability to playback video is gone as well. The Nano will ship to stores in 7 different colors and have two memory variations.

iPod Shuffle

Coming in aproximitly20% smaller than the Nano, the next-gen iPod Shuffle has changed significantly from the last version. Button controls are back in the form of a slick circular design but with no loss of voice-over controls to change artists , albums, songs and other settings. Genius Playlists support has been added, giving the iPod Nano a battery life of 15 hours.

Apple TV

Rumored to be called iTV, the Apple TV is back in a smaller, sleeker black design. The set-top box is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Rentals will be served via iTunes or a local device. This business model, Steve Jobs say, will eliminate the issues older Apple TVs had with syncing and storing content. Netflix subscribers will also be able to stream movies and shows to Apple TV from Netflix. The Price is set at $99 .

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