Microsoft expresses concerns over Java attacks

November 15, 2010 | by

While conducting research and organizing the reports of Security Intelligence, the analysts working on it on behalf of Microsoft observed some findings. In relation to the observations it was noted that virus infection made upon Java have crossed the barriers thus minimizing the attacks with respect of Adobe Reader.

Microsoft has always prone to be affected from malware but adobe has been left out for some time. After the introduction of Microsoft malware detection center by the company, during the initial months of the current year the Java attacks has exceeded the Adobe attacks in sizeable number as per the track records of the Microsoft.

Attacks of either Java or Adobe would be the same in terms of deformity and no doubt both the systems are affected very badly on account of this. In the perspective of the developer of malware, Microsoft provides easy access for attacking files and documents. In spite of the introduction of stringent measures and enhanced guard systems against such attack, the malware developer are smart enough to find some corners where there is breach in security and initialize attack from that end.

Holly Steward of Microsoft in his blog has pointed out that Java is present everywhere and it is a known fact that it has not been updated frequently. And it is vital tool for the operations of certain components. You cannot find out whether Java has been installed in the system or not. She asks further that why there is a sudden increase in Java attacks at present and she describes the occurrence as ‘Java-blindness’. Stewart also added that even the intrusion prevention system could not control the attack on Java since it is really difficult to detect and understand it practically.

The attack of malware in Java is increasing and the attacks centers around major three weaker spots. Significantly all the three spots had already been highlighted and exposed in pieces. But Java does not seem to care or bother in any way for this matter. Some users and software administration has express their concern over this issue in Microsoft’s page on current situation and said that once the user not uses Java he or she forgets it totally and this may attribute for the exposure of its weaker spots to malware again.

Attacks on Java often get unnoticed by all and it is human nature to forget things once it is not in our perception. Sudden rush or increase in the attack on Java may be important still Java maintains its dignity and this unexpected or temporary change will not affect it in any way. All the above facts are the observations made by Microsoft in its report. It is essential for the users and information technology sector to be vigilant and take enough measures to track the weaker spots of Java which are prone to attack and rectify it sooner.


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